Sunday, December 03, 2017


It's a beautiful c-c-cold day. My neighbor just walked by with shorts on and a long jacket while dog walking. Meanwhile I am trying to assemble boots, long pants, under shirt, outer shirt, sweater and jacket to open my door and venture out with my critter. I am dead tired and just want to crawl back under the covers.

All those years working in the tropics and I still get frighteningly cold at 50F degrees. Well that is what my outside thermometer says. The weather report online says 59F on one site and 55F on another. Three different temps.

Yet I am still cold.

I am trying to pinch pennies every which way I can, but I am so c-c-cold I am going to turn on the heat for a little bit and try to thaw out, then turn it off again.

There are times like now when it seems so much is going wrong in my life and I just want to sit down and cry. But NO! NO! NO!


You woke up alive! Life is AWESOME. Do not complain. Slap a smile on your face and GIVE THANKS!

Angels everywhere have helped me in my journey to wake up alive today.

Thank you. THANK YOU! I am blessed, I am lucky, I must remember to slap myself silly and be grateful.

No complaints. JUST SMILES!

Phew. I feel better already.

It's a gorgeous day to be alive. 

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