Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Moving Up or Moving Down, Either Way We Moved!

 I think my toys need a bigger chair!

 Harley dog waits anxiously with his toys outside while chaos ensues.

We are moving, well we moved.

Our mini motorhome gone bye bye.

Without us.

Sad day to see the new owner drive her away. 

We are living in a new old wheel estate now.

From 8 years in a 1994 Class C 28 feet long with no slide outs, to a 1992 36 foot Holiday Rambler Imperial Fifth Estate with not one but two slide outs!

It needs a little  AHEM a lot of work.

Not sure if we are moving on up or moving on down, but now we have room to dance. I must get a video of me and doggy dancing!

More on this strange turn of events coming soon.


  1. just think of all the room to fill. love it. i have to believe that you squeezed just about all the juice out of 28c. is this puppy going to be to big for some of your state parks? just askin. ice cream. raz

  2. Congratulations !!! I know you will make it a comfortable and cute home.

    Lynn in GA


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