Thursday, February 08, 2018

Nomad or No Not

Where do I belong?
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That is a question I've been searching for answers since relocating to America.
My close friends are scattered around the world.

Having lived a nomadic life for so long, it's hard to think about putting down roots. But what happens when my body and finances can't keep up with a nomadic life?

The past 2 years I've contemplated and researched many scenarios plus shopped for bargains.

Last summer I found a steal of a deal on an RV lot in a rural area, so after a month of serious contemplation, I decided to snatch it up. I was fortuitous in getting it as since then I've met quite a few folks who stopped by to tell me they wanted to buy it or tried to buy it or were going to buy it. The former owner was extremely difficult to deal with but somehow I managed the purchase, but not without a great deal of unnecessary hard-ache. Not heartache but hard-ache.

I parked my little old wheel estate on the lot that came with a shed that had custom shelves and a workbench plus electricity. The lot also had extra water hookups and outside electrical outlets scattered around. I had no idea at the time how handy these could and would become.

At the time I had this grand idea to move most of belongings out of the RV and into the shed. Then I could give my motorhome a deep cleaning while still living in it 24/7. I was also trying to juggle running a small mail-order business out of the shed.

My body put up a fuss. I suffer from a rare disease with tons of complications and no medical care, just alternative treatments. Mostly I just try to be happy, grateful, positive and ridiculously optimistic.

Is my glass half full or half empty?

Who cares? I am just jumping up and down with excitement that I have a glass!

The best laid plans quickly went astray with illness, hurricane, running from hurricane, breakdowns, repairs and an eventual return to my lot.

Now I had a major mess on my hands. I had half moved into the shed and when packing up for the hurricane I would hastily move things from shed to rig and it was pouring down rain as I prepared. It seemed everything I needed was in the shed and now I had to move some of it back again.

I departed in a wet mess grateful to run from the hurricane when I did because it kept changing directions. By the time it decided to plow up central Florida, I was already gone. Many folks could not escape at that point because roads were clogged and gas stations were out of fuel.

The trip really took its toll on me.

Perhaps I would have to face facts and realize that continuing to travel alone in my wittle old wheel estate wasn't a viable option anymore.

I felt so defeated. The wanderlust just never seems to leave me.

8 years 24/7 in a tiny mini motorhome, what fun, what joy and what a shame I wasn't up to it anymore on my efficient budget. Maybe because I do so many repairs and maintenance myself and I am just not having enough time anymore to do all that and some days just too weak to keep up with it all.

The easy solution would be to hire the pros to do all the repairs and maintenance for me like many RVers do. But that wasn't in my efficient budget so plan B, take a break from a nomadic life and look at efficient options.

More on this later.

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