Friday, June 15, 2018

Day 6

One day I was on my bicycle when a ranger in a golf cart flagged me down. I thought UT OH, what have I done now. I greeted him with a big smile hoping he wouldn't yell at me. I had been seen all over creation riding my bike with my doggy, delivering garbage, picking up pizza, finding out of the way places by bike to go take the dog for a walk. I had been on trails, on the sidewalk, in the parking lots, on the roads, in the marina and even in the ditch when I was run off the road. I had been riding on the bridge with cars (frightening!) and taking my bike to see the sunsets because my bike comes with a big fat upright seat with a comfy back to it and it's like bringing my own chair along to sit in. When I stop, my feet are flat on the ground (it's purposely designed this way) I had been caught out after dark a few times by accident, but I had rechargeable bike lights and I used them. I also used my flashing red light on the back of my bike during daytime when traffic was around as it helps wake up distracted drivers and hopefully prevent them from mowing me down or forcing me into the ditch.

Turns out the ranger wanted to buy my bicycle and he was serious. I had forgotten when he flagged me down, that folks often do ask me WHAT kind of bicycle is that? Well it's called a "Day 6" and it's the most comfortable bicycle  ever built and it's effortless to ride. It's far better than a tricycle in terms of comfort and ride-ability. I can lean back in my seat and push the pedals. The high handlebars mean there is no weight on my hands. There are some rough days when I can barely walk without excruciating pain, but I can sit on my bicycle and go go go. Isn't it funny that I found a bicycle that is easier than walking?

So the ranger and I had a nice chat while he scribbled down notes  and claimed he was seriously going to track down a Day 6 bicycle.  It's virtually impossible to buy one used because folks like me who get hooked on them never turn loose of them. I hunted for ages trying to buy a used one and searched all across America and only ever found one used one for sale. You can find a million other used bikes  for sale, but Day 6 seems elusive. People keep them.


  1. I think I'm going to look up this Day 6's peaked my interest. I have a tricycle now with a basket for my dogs in the back.

  2. Miss Mermaid,
    What style day 6 do you have?
    Thank You

  3. I have the Dream 24 and it's a dream to ride


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