Sunday, June 03, 2018

Doggone Florida Keys

Passing through Marathon on our way to the Florida Keys
 Tiny home camping for 2 weeks and then some.
My friend said he was going to the Keys for a few weeks.
The morning of his departure, I was  hitchhiking at his front bumper with my dog and bicycle.
My cute wittle dog was irresistible so PHEW we got a ride.
 I am a good dumpster diva. There must be dumpster angels looking out for me!
This is the chair and tarp I found at a dumpster in Fort Pierce.
The campsite at Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys was covered in stones.
I've fortified the tarp with gorilla tape to convert it to a patio mat.

So funny!
I had NO idea when I snagged this tarp that the next campsite would be covered in rocks.
For a hopeless barefooter like me, the tarp saved wear and tear on my footsies and tootsies.
That round pink thing is the dog's soft fabric frisbee.
It's padded and doesn't hurt him.
Even though many beaches were closed (post hurricane Irma) and others refused dogs, I finally found a secret sandy place by the sea for Harley to run wild playing his favorite game of Frisbee.

 Harley dawg assumes the chair I found was for his exclusive use only.
How can a 6 pound dog manage to claim everything as his?
Notice the small tear in the Frisbee. This has been Harley's favorite toy for years! An angel sent that to him as a gift and it took him several years to finally wear a hole in it.
By the end of the trip, the hole was so big, that one day while tossing it landed on his head then slid down around his neck. He looked so confused, I wish I could have caught it on camera, but I was too busy laughing. He managed to get it off quickly and come trotting back to me "Here, throw it again!"
 Post hurricane Irma repairs to the Bahia Honda State Park included a thick layer of new pebbles.

 In Key Largo is one of the largest and  best Dollar Trees I have ever seen. Everything is $1 or less.
We stopped by there to see what we could snag for camping at a $1.
This indoor outdoor rubber backed carpet was $1 and it surely helped keep our feet and paws clean before entering the van.
Harley assumed it was his personal rug of course.

It's ruff being a dog.

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