Saturday, June 23, 2018


It's a beautiful day to wake up alive!

You might have noticed I haven't been typing much lately. My hand was painfully healing. The fun in tapping the little keys just wasn't happening.

I took this picture a few weeks ago as an inspirational reminder that no matter what, I can strive to weather the storm, to rise above, to dare to be different.

During my travels the past 5 years,  I used this UAWIFI UA3 Rugged USB Wi-Fi Adapter to capture campground Wifi when their Wifi showed up weak on my end, I used this antenna to gain a stronger signal. It's a rugged outdoor antenna that works indoors too.

In some camps I put it up in a tree by using a 64 foot active USB cord. Other times I could just stick on my ceiling. The heavy magnet builtin to the bottom of it would stick through the ceiling to a hidden steel frame

While there are fancier later and greater pricier Wifi antennas, this one fit the bill because many campgrounds that offer Wifi often have an old system they invested heavily with no plans to upgrade anytime soon.

Since more campgrounds added WiFi I've seen camp rates go up up up. 

On my last trip with a friend in their RV, we didn't use Wifi or internet for almost 3 weeks. It was rather fun to be uplugged from the rest of the world. 

Later I realized I should have put my home internet on hold or cancelled it. "Home" being my new 1992 fifth wheel trailer parked in rural Florida.

When I returned I was greeted with a new internet bill 40% higher.

How many folks received a 40% increase in their income recently?


I didn't get that memo.

Life is goof.

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  1. What did you do to your hand? Unbelievable WIFI bill!


Life is goof!