Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Another blessed day in paradise.

I woke up alive. 

It's March, it's spring, it's exciting!

Incredibly it's 58 effing degrees as I write this from Florida.

For some strange reason I am counting down the daze to my big six ut-oh birthday in April. Yippee! 

I am blessed and oh so lucky to have this day on planet earth.

My goofy dog is both a joy and a pain in the tush (sometimes!)

Though we are both flailing and failing at times, he still reverts to his puppy-hood playfulness insisting on playing and "exercising" his toys. He still makes me laugh and laughing is a very GOOD thing.

He piled up his toys this way, it was not through human intervention. I managed to snap a few pics and they are all blurry except this one where he briefly slowed down to hold and nurse his bedraggled teddy bear.

He still loves to eat eat eat, his favorite being Newman's Organic dry dog food which his pet parent likes too (not because I find it tasty) but because it makes things at the other end come out nice and neat. 

Life is goof.

Thank you for thinking of me and plopping by today. 

May you find joy and laughter and happiness each and every day. 


  1. I thought of you when I discovered this web page:

    There may be enough information to tell how mermaiding has changed since your days...


Life is goof!