Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Random Notes

In response to Namesake I received this note:

Aww, I appreciate it. It was made by my stepson in Minn. He makes mostly fish but also this mermaid in two sizes. MetalMotionArt.com
You should have seen that mermaid swim yesterday when we had a stiff wind! Undulating all over LOL


Dear S,

I saw the website and his work is stunning. Thanks for sharing the link so others can see. I especially liked the video of me... that gorgeous large mermaid swimming in the trees. 

Your stepson might be interested to know he can also list his artwork on Amazon Handmade, an artisan-only community of handcrafted goods. No up front fees, yet the artwork is exposed to millions of customers. artists only pay a referral fee when an item sells.


Speaking of artwork...

I snapped these pics in the little city park I visited recently.  
Both are carvings on a large chunk of tree. 

 But... who gives a hoot...

This carving below struck me as very haunting.

Or maybe it's just  Native American on a bad hair day!


I had more to say but the daily monsoon has started along with loud thunder boomers that scare my wittle puppy dog to the point he begs me to hold him tightly against my chest so he feels safe. I can't type and be the loving mutt-er to him too, so puppy wins, I need to unplug.

See ya round the campfire tomorrow!


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