Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chapels and Another Alligator

Yesterday we drove an astonishing 190 miles in under 6 hours. For some reason my body locks up into place when I drive. I have to stop every hour and take a break. 

The first stop was at Dollar Tree (everything is $1) to get some  coffee and  tea bags. I drink about a gallon of iced tea daily.  I need all the fluids to keep the poisons flushed out of my system. Green tea and peppermint tea have loads of unique health benefits and both are carried at bargain prices at this store. At first when I stepped out of the wheel estate, I felt really weak. I crept around trying to walk Harley to the postage stamp sized landscaping in the parking lot then put him back inside. I managed to walk to the store feeling like I was in somebody else's body. It was hot outside and cool inside,  I began to feel much better as I walked the aisles.

Eventually we rolled on down the highways for another hour. 

The second break, I climbed out of the drivers seat and collapsed on the ground. Nothing wanted to work.  My legs gave out, my knees folded up, my hips protested and bingo-bango-boom, there I was laying on the ground,  looking at the Truckers Chapel. I thought I was hallucinating, as I didn't recall pulling into a church parking lot, but there I was  staring up at a chapel made from a truck rig.  

Harley was barking frantically, jumping up and down in the drivers seat. Finally I stood back up, opening up the door, assuring him I was OK. I took his picture, because he looked so serious!

This time I bought a banana, apple juice and coconut water, hoping that would improve my disposition. I took Harley for a walk and we took a picture of the chapel above. 

Eventually we made it to a lovely campground. I've been weak and pooped out ever since. Sheesh!  I remember now why we usually keep our drives much shorter. 

Which we did take a third  and fourth break. No wonder it takes me so long to drive so little. On one of the breaks, I made lunch for us.

But Harley was such a good doggy, when we went to bed, I brought out his treat, a new toy from the store that made me laugh out loud when I saw it, so I splurged a $1 and bought it for him. 

It's an alligator!  He had great fun torturing it into squeaking quite loudly, his little tail wiggling in delight.    Then I would toss it down the aisle of the wheel estate and he would chase it then bring it back to bed. He makes me laugh every day. And THAT feels great, in spite of the road-rash on my knees from falling down. 

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  1. Oh I hope you feel better soon. Please do take care of yourself -- Harley needs you!


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