Thursday, April 12, 2012

Birthday Bash

Harley at Easter at DearMissMermaid.Com
Harley has a new squeaky toy, thanks to the Easter Bunny.
Actually his friends (fans) gave this to him, but they said to tell him it was from the Easter Bunny.
Lucky dog!  You can see from the dirt on it, that he has already been playing with his toy and managed to sneak it outside to drag in the dirt. *Sigh*

What a fun wild  fabulous birthday! Phone calls, emails, comments, postings and so on with birthday wishes and several surprise gifts! WOW!  What fun!

I packed up camp, then headed towards an RV park where my friends are staying. I called to tell them I was on the way, so we decided to just meet at the restaurant   for a mega luncheon buffet.  They had previously invited me for lunch and to relocate at the park they were staying at for my brithday.

I found parking in back of the restaurant, for my motorhome, then took little Harley dog for a short walk to water the landscaping.  I turned on the generator and air-conditioning when I put him back in the motorhome. The afternoons in this area have been brutally hot.   Very strange since it's been cold at night. I hiked around to the front of the restaurant, just as my friends arrived. 

We traversed the multiple buffets more times than I care to admit. 

We almost made it out of there alive. But this little kid running through the restaurant slammed into my friend, tripping him up  and BAM he hit the floor slamming his head pretty hard. People jumped up to help while the kid and his parents slipped out the door in a hurry. Someone called 911, five paramedics arrived with a half ton of equipment on a gurney.  They looked at the lump on his head, stuck probes on his body, asked him loads of trick questions like what day and date it was, checked his vitals, offering to cart him off in the wham-bulance but he declined. None of us wanted to do the hospital thing. (We're all veterans of what a nightmare that can be!)

What was funny, was  of the three of us, none of us could get the day and date right on the first try. This worried the paramedics.  I suggested we do it island-style. I've been in bars in the Caribbean where no one knew the day or date, some were confused about the year.  No one wore a watch and this was before they made cellphones  that told you these things. Eventually we would vote on the day, date, month and year,  settling the dilemma, whether we were right or not. 

What's it matter if it's really Wednesday the 11th when we voted for Tuesday the 11th... As I was explaining all this, the restaurant manager  was giving me worried looks and one of the paramedics was staring at me with a sheer look of incredulity. I guess I should have kept my mouth shut...

Eventually we left the restaurant in our separate vehicles. Matter of fact, when I climbed into the wheel estate to greet Harley dog, he was intrigued with sniffing my purse.  That's when I realized that a small piece of meat had fallen into my purse while I was dining. Oops!  Some days I must be a total slob...  I was already full, so Harley had to eat the evidence. Good doggy.

I did something that later turned out to be very foolish.   I turned off the generator and air conditioning in spite of the heat. As I drove to the new RV park, I was cool enough driving with the engine's A/C blowing on me, but I didn't realize the rest of the RV was rapidly heating up to a dangerous temperature.

At the shadeless checkin lot, I had to park and hike a bit to the office, I felt kind of rough. Through a misunderstanding I was assigned a spot over a half mile away from my friends instead of nearby. So back to the office in my RV, then out to the new lot 2 spots down from my friends. I believe I was told there are nearly 900 RV spots here. I sure got lost a few times, while touring the curiously marked roads and lots. They repeat the numbers here in different sections (maddening!) so it's not easy to find your number because first you have to find the correct section. Since all sections have identical numbers, this can be a bit tricky.  

I have never been in an RV Park so huge.  They probably have their own zip code by now.  This is a membership type place but they claim to rent to the public too. My friends had to reserve me as a guest. When I tried to reserve directly, the rent was 53% more per night, than if they reserved it for me. WOW!

I stepped out of my motorhome to hook up the electric cord,then took Harley for a walk. I thought I would pass right out, the heat was suddenly so oppressive. My lot came with no shade at all. Back at the RV, I turned on the A/C.  My friend walked over, I told him I felt faint and just wanted to rest a while. The inside of the RV was an oven but the outside was too. 

The air conditioning was struggling mightily to try to cool the RV back down. I flopped out on my bed, soaking it in sweat.  I got back up for more iced tea, then plugged in a small portable fan to blow right on my silly head while I laid back down. I drank a whole quart of iced green tea, then drifted off to sleep in a very confused state.  When I struggled up later, I drank another quart of iced tea. Whew!

Note to self... it's not good to get that close to heat exhaustion. This morning I was up at the usual 4am, but decided to make a U-turn and go back to bed. 

I guess it's that time of year in Florida, when I have to be very careful when driving my wheel estate in the afternoons. I may have to run the generator while I drive, to make sure I don't accidentally create an oven in back again. 

But my birthday, well wishes and fabulous gifts were all wonderful!  A big thank you to one and all!  I am so very lucky!  I made it another year!  This is simply amazing all around.  I feel like a living miracle!  

Oh and the best part for last, my friends made me a homemade birthday cake!  Yippie!  It is awesomely delicious. A tiny bit of that accidentally  fell into Harley's bowl too. Me bad. I'm such a mess some days. But Harley didn't mind a bit, he cleaned up his bowl immediately. 

Childrens Farm at DearMissMermaid.Com
Harley and I want  to go to the Childrens Farm and see how children are grown and raised. 


  1. Laughed out loud, literally. (LOLL)

    Scary how quickly the heat can sneak up. We're not as careful as we should be out here, either.

  2. Does your RV cool down very fast? I'm guessing not since you had to suffer for awhile.
    The childrens farm...I had the same thought!!
    When I see the signs "slow children at play" well, I just assume they are slow kids. When I see the signs, child on board, I think "ok, thanks for the warning". etc....I think it totally sucks that those people dashed out of there though! Wow. Idiots. If I broke a jar of pickles, I'd might run, but if I hurt someone, I would not run!


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