Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blogger Wars

I wrote a beautiful post with pictures. I hit the publish button. That was early this morning. Then I busted up camp, drove to a new place and settled down again. Eventually I turned on the computer to make a phone call.  I checked to see if my post looked OK.  

Daggum it, my hard work simply VANISHED.  It's not here, it's not there. 

Boo hoo. Google Chrome and Internet Explorer were fighting over my laptop this morning. I guess my column was a casualty their war. 

So this is all you get for now. I am pooped. But what the heck, here's a pretty picture, the fun part about not owning land and living like a gypsy in a caravan. 

You can have flowers in your yard one day and a beach in it the next. 



  1. It was there this morning... I read it, even linked it on my FB page. I didn't take it though! So sorry it is gone!
    I even made a nice comment! Oh well, sending you good thoughts now.

  2. I'm not very happy with what's been happening with technology in general these days. We should have a cooling off period when things stay relatively stable for a while, rather than constantly changing and adding new stuff.

    I don't want anyone or any company messing with my blog, email, or computer programs in general. I hope you find your blog. Nothing disappears forever - it is being held out there in the ether!


Life is goof!