Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today Is My Birthday!

Yippie yahoo!  

I lived another year!  

Today is my birthday!  


How old am I?

I don't know!  I need more fingers and toes!

It's also a travel day for me. I am rendezvousing with friends who are taking me out for dinner. 

I've managed to more or less nail down my schedule for the rest of April. More or less. 

If anyone is going to be in my neighborhood, by all means let me know. 

May 1st I start workamping at G (not shown). The trip shown below is about 600 miles spread over 23 days at 6 campgrounds. I have anywhere from 2-8 nights at each stop. 

I don't like speeding tickets, I tucker out easily, so I planned a leisurely trip. My work travels with me, so that's why I need 2 or more nights in each place. 

I've tried traveling with just one nighters, and frankly, they just aren't fun, there isn't time to rest up or get any repairs or work done. I want to enjoy each place I stop. I have no car, so I will be doing provisioning as I traverse between campgrounds. 

Two of the parks are repeat visits, but the rest are new to me. 



  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day :)

  2. Happy Birthday! FYI, if you haven't been to Hunting Island before, a lot of it has washed out to sea. It's still an amazing place.

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day where all your wishes come true.

  4. Thank you for the birthday wishes! I love Hunting Island, it has been changing shape since I first got a glimmer of the place back in the 60's. Now that they are protecting the sand dunes again, it won't be washing away much, it comes back anyhow with the next storm. LOL!

  5. Happy Birthday! I love reading your blog.

  6. Happy Birthday! I have a friend who celebrates for an entire week... sounds like a great idea to me. Hope your celebration lasts at least a year!

  7. Happy happy joy joy!! Happy Birthday! Hope it was wonderful and wishing you many many many more years of happiness.

  8. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day and keep blogging. Your writing talent creates dedicated readers.

  9. Happy Happy Birthday!!! I would have wished you this earlier, but I was tooling down the highway with a car that wipes it's own butt! So what did Harley give you besides love? Oh I know - a big fat kiss on the lips! Yay. Dawg breath! heehee


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