Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gypsy Plan Sojourn aka GPS

I am so lucky! I had an eggstra wonderful Easter and birthday. My fans, friends and framily saw to it! A huge thank you to all you wonderful angels!

My dear friends that I workamped with this winter in Florida astounded me with a GPS for by birthday. Wowie! 

So, I am now traveling  by GPS (Girl Planning Service). I have never ever owned a GPS. Yet I spent decades messing about boats at sea. I think I sailed to 15 or so countries, will have to actually sit down and count one day. I think it was at 12 or 13 when I lost count awhile back. Anyhow, I got there with compass, charts, stars and prayer. The old fashioned way. Small wonder they call it "dead reckoning". You reckon you'll get there or be dead if you don't. 

Now I am learning GPS (Gypsy Plan Sojourn) for the first time ever. I understand about lattitude and longitude, attitudes and youtube. But programming the GPS (General Plotting Scheme) to get me where I am going on a route I prefer is a bit of a bewildering effort. But I have used it 3-4 times now and more or less turned up where I wanted to be, so YAY! It works.

The GPS (Great Planning Service) talks in a female voice. The first time she started directing us, Harley barked at her. He searched the motorhome frantically, very upset with this lady he can hear but not see. He gave me worried looks while I tried to calm him down and explain GPS (Ghostly Paranormal Speech) to him. 

I still get lost but now when I do this lady says "Make a legal U-turn! Make a legal U-turn!"

Um, I'm in a 30 foot chunk of wheel estate. (I guess you could say I lengthened it when I added the toy box out back. )

Is it legal to make a U-turn while overshooting the road, driving up on the curb, across a field of weeds, then banging back off the curb, narrowly missing a mailbox and into a lane of traffic on the road while listening to blaring horns and screeching brakes?

Hmm... maybe not. 

I drive forward sightseeing, debating what to do. Right when I found a place to turn around in a parking lot, I was almost back on the road in the U-turn direction she had insisted on when she says "Turn right"  (but we were going to turn left because that would put us back heading in the U-turn direction she wanted us to go.)

Is she mocking me?

Harley glares at her, then me. We turn left anyhow. The lady is silent.

We drive a mile or so. The lady is still speechless.

Have we offended her? 

Is she giving us the silent treatment for our transgressions?
The silent minutes march forward as we drive back down the highway.  Eventually she forgave us then piped up "Turn left in one mile." 
Ah... She is going to talk to us after all. 

So today, I am going to attempt to program her again. I am having trouble learning how to tell her we want to stop hither and yonder then end up at the next campground. 

I am hoping overall, that this GPS (Grand Plan Scheme)  will save me gasoline and actually help me those times I have appointments in places I can't find, which is often. 

So far GPS has routed me like this since April 11. The A-F is everywhere we have camped thus far. Well I am not at F yet, but I am optimistic about making it there today. If the GPS (Girl Prattling Source) can find it. 

RV campgrounds by DearMissMermaid.Com

Gypsy Plan Sojourn aka GPS (this blog)
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  1. Ah yes, I have a gps (gonna play sneaky) that loves to send me in widdle circles, just to see if I'll do it! Sadly, I do....but sometimes I make it mad & don't actually go where it tells me to. Then it gets mad at me & sputters directions constantly. And I ignore it & grin.

  2. Hey,is this the post that disappeared? I got it in my email a couple of days ago.LOL Was I not supposed to get it?

  3. It was posted AND emailed to the subscribers, but blogger ate the original post. Very strange. I found it in my email, so I reposted it, since blogger "lost" it. I wish the programmers would leave things alone and quit breaking things that work.


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