Thursday, April 05, 2012

Ten Ways To Cheer Up Your Life

Chase the blues away with these ten eclectic suggestions. Get out of your rut. Find a new groove. Modify your routine a little. 

STOP watching the news.  It's highly inflammatory, sensational and depressing. Instead focus on loved ones, close friends, and what's happening around them.  Your mood will likely improve drastically.

SAY NO to mindless television. It's peppered with designer drug commercials,  in-your-face marketing, artificial laugh tracks and needless violence. If you can't turn loose from your TV, then pick 3 programs for the entire week. Turn the TV off when your special program is over. Find something else to do. Don't let the TV be your background noise. Play music. Dance. Live a little. Live  beyond the box. 

WALK the dog or the kids or your spouse or yourself. Amazing how much a brisk walk can do for the soul and happiness.  Take a camera. Look for something small and beautiful to photograph.

ORGANIZE.  If your mind is a jumble, then chances are so is your accumulated stuff aroud you. Tackle one area, such as a closet, bath, or  kitchen.  If that's too much then just try cleaning out one drawer. Start organizing into 4 piles: keep, give-away, sell and garbage. Organize the keepers kindergarten-style.  (Store similar things together.)  

GOOD SAMARITAN.  Incorporate a random act of kindness in your daily life.  Patrol your neighborhood or one of your favorite haunts,with a long-handle grabber and a small garbage bag picking up anonymous garbage. Alternatively look around you. There is often someone old or tired or sick who could use your set of helping hands. 

CHANGE your diet. Get out of a rut. Focus on fresh healthy foods like well scrubbed fruit and veggies from the produce department.  Dine leisurely at the table with family or friends. Your happiness and new found energy may surprise you. 

GROW. Plant seeds.  Growing things is not rocket science. Buy a pack of flower or herbal seeds.  Follow the directions and plant. Water as needed and pray. 

DREAM. Pen and paper.  Write down your dreams exactly what you would like to see in your life in your near and far future. On separate paper make notes on how you could achieve your dreams. Keep this top secret. If you feel the need to share, only tell those who will be positive about your goals, not the naysayers.  Work on those dream solutions, even if you have to keep them top secret a long time. 

AGREE to agree. Are you too picky and self-centered to the point of picking unecessary fights and battles of will with your coworkers or loved ones over little issues throughout your day?  For instance, you crave pizza, they want Oriental food. Agree to agree, go eat Oriental and be happy about it. You are probably going to eat 2-3-4 times a day, 365 days a year, so what's the big deal? Don't make it a big deal.  Agree to agree. Enjoy less stress, more happiness.  

SMILE. Smile right now. All alone.  Just smile. Slowly count to ten while smiling.  One-Two-three...   Stretch out the biggest smile you can muster. Four-Five-Six-Seven...  Smile longer.  Eight-Nine-Ten...  There is no time limit. Smiling will make you instantly feel better. Even if you are all alone. It won't kill you either to smile at strangers and loved ones.  Put the smile back in your life. The inner peace you may find will be phenonmenal. 


  1. This is rather timely. My friend and I went for dinner the other night and she was telling me how she went to a conference at a church in Redding California where a bit of a revival is taking place. One of the things they talked about is how our dreams come from God and we just need to verbalize them and God will do the rest. The speaker said to write down 100 dreams.

    My friend was telling me I should write my dreams down and then watch God work. Then, today, I read your blog.

    Pretty cool!

  2. 100 dreams, wow! I only have about 5 that I want to see happen. Maybe I am an under-dreamer... Most of my dreams have come true in my life, I'm super lucky.


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