Monday, April 30, 2012

Two to Nine

I so hate skipping days and try to post once every day, but when the internet goes on the fritz, life happens and the post doesn't get out. 

Hunting Island State Park beach in South Carolina with photo by

On a fun note, besides having the internet flake out on me, my little camp site for two (one mermaid and a monkey dog) suddenly became nine, with  three adults, four teenagers and two dogs. It seems some of my friends finally decided to accept my chronic  invitations and actually SHOW UP in spite of the five hour drive required to do so. 

I was thrilled, as was Harley dog, to have all the chaos and excitement.  We cooked up a mess of great foods, including local fresh shrimp and awesome crab.  We washed a mountain of dishes, swept 10 pounds of sand out of the camper, took numerous walks to the dump to keep the campsite more or less cleaned up. At night we spread out between my camper, a tent and a van.  Of course both dogs had to share beds with humans, their choice, naturally.

Ironically, before the crowd, I had carried out the garbage finding a nearly new grill parked at the dump. I hauled it back to camp. When the visitors arrived, they immediately pushed it into service. What fun!  

At one point we were out of  eggs to make crab cakes to cook on the grill. We dispatched a teenager to see if they could go  appropriate eggs from another camp site. Amazingly she came back with 3 eggs  in short order. After the crab cakes were made, we sent some  over to our surprised egg donor. 

In between the nuts and bolts of camping and cooking, we romped on the beach from one end to the other. We spread out between fishing, crabbing, hiking, cooking,  and creating general mayhem. There was never a dull moment.  The first night, out of sheer excitement,  we all sat around the camp fire until a ridiculous hour, being mindful to not break the "quiet hours" rule.  We hoped no one would complain that we laughed too loud while trying to shush each other down to a loud whisper. 

Oh to be a teenager again...  it was  fun to have them around, rather than feeling old, I felt rather young.  

Hunting Island State Park campground in South Carolina with photo by DearMissMermaid.Com
Above is my campground for one mermaid and a dog. 
Below is campground for 3 adults, 4 teenagers and 2 dogs.  The firepit has been relocated to the front of the campground. The tent has been put away. 

Hunting Island State Park campground in South Carolina with photo by DearMissMermaid.Com


  1. Hahaha, egg donor!! too funny! How nice of ya'll to give her some crab cakes though. Geez, I'll give you a dozen of eggs for a few, otay?
    Love the site with all the activity going on. Reminds me of the yearly gathering I do with friends each year.

  2. Love the look of your campsite. Your location is one I dream of visiting one day.


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