Friday, May 01, 2015

A Dog and His Life

Harley Dog is posting on the blog today. He is paw-sitively delighted to share his doggone views.

Rving with pets
Sorry I am a little behind lately in writing and posting

Rving with pets
Hurry up and take my picture, I want to play Frisbee!

Rving with pets
Oops! Slammed on brakes so hard my back feet flew up

Rving with pets
Oh the ocean, I love the ocean, let's dance

Rving with pets
I love wading in the ocean, oh look a new friend, let me wade out and introduce myself

Rving with pets
Big wave coming, I knew I shudda brought my surf board out today

dream big with a sandcastle
High tide is saying hi to my sandcastle, bet you didn't think a wittle puppy dog could have so much fun 

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  1. I love Harley. Hope you're well. Stay safe.

  2. harley has to much fun.

    ice cream, raz


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