Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fock All Campground

Buck  Hall Recreation Area is small-rig friendly campground with only 19 camp sites, 5 with no electricity for hearty tent campers who want a front row campsite on the water.

On a phone call recently someone wanted to know where I was and I said Buck Hall. The cell phone was not clear and they thought I said Fock-All. And that is putting it *ahem* politely.

There was a lot of confusion on the phone before it became clear they had heard me wrong. We giggled ourselves silly.

While camping there, a few more minor repairs were made. My manual retracting front step was a big hunk of rust, but not any more. Now it's shiny black paint. The blue tape is to prevent black overspray on the white paint.

Cooking has almost come to a standstill because my kitchen stool which is necessary for me to reach the odd cabinets, has been pressed into service as a door step for the time being. I was having a bit of a problem using it, so we added some leveling boards to the stool to make it a tad higher. You can see leveling boards under the back rear tires too, the site was slightly askew so the boards compensated by making the rolling home nearly perfectly level.

Amazingly I found this outdoor carpet rug at Dollar Tree for $1 several months ago. It was the perfect size. It's been riding around with me for months, waiting to be installed. The old rug on the step was held together with springs that had hooks on the ends, hiding underneath the step to keep the rug taut. We hammered in four grommets on the underside of the new rug, then attached the springy hooks, so the rug is held there tightly.
 Time to pull of the blue painter's tape and call it a done deal.




  1. Looking good miss mermaid,high steppin now!

  2. It seems like you might be referring to a specific term or phrase, Resipi Geoeng Mudah but "fock-all campground" doesn't appear to be a standard or widely recognized term in English.


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