Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Low Country in a Little Old Motorhome

Doggone drivers and their big rigs are blocking the road again because due to an error in judgment, they can't fit in their campsite. If the reservation specifies 30 feet and under for your chosen campsite, you might not be able to squeeze 45 feet plus a tow vehicle in there.

Maybe the dog made the reservation.

Sometimes a campground or camp site appears huge on paper or in the brochure, but most campgrounds assume the trees won't move, so if they say it's for 30 feet and under for a particular site, believe them. It might be a larger lot, but there might be magnificent life giving trees parked there too.

Five years later, I am still in my little old wheel estate, home sweet home. This is the view from standing in the rear of the camper.

The stainless steel urn under the sink is my water purifier. Bungee cords and hooks hold it in place so I can go bouncing down the highways and byways.
It has a spout at the bottom like  a big coffee urn. I fill the upper chamber with water which filters into the bottom chamber.
I fill up my daily water carafe so I have purified water for drinking, ice making and cooking.
After careful study and oodles of research, I chose this method because it's portable, needs no electricity or water pressure and the filters last for six to ten thousands gallons depending on the water quality going into the upper chamber. The taste is awesome. This Berkey system will filter any kind of water from municipalities, ponds, rivers, lakes, rainfall, anything except salt water. Salt water conversion to drinking water is a whole different scientific process. If you want exceptional water quality without the hassle of buying and storing  jugs of water from unknown sources, then this is the system for you. It can be used in your sticks and brick home then relocated to your RV for camping.
See more details on the Berkey water purifier at this link.

 Due to someone else cancelling their reservation, I ended up in another beautiful campsite. Harley dog loves the play yard. I put him on a super long tether so we can play Frisbee and golf, his two favorite games.

Life is beautiful. I woke up alive and all is good, fantastically wonderful! This secret path leads to paradise.

Currently we are careening around the Low Country of South Carolina, falling in love with every place we camp.

I can eat beans and rice all year long so I can save up for the thrill of fresh-off -the-boat shrimp. Now that my friend is an exquisite taste to be savored with my fiery homemade cocktail sauce.

Well, I am off and wobbling. See you around the harbor!




  1. berkeys are the cats ass.

    what i would like to know is why the big rvs are allowed past the gate in the first place?

    sherbet. raz

  2. I definitely want to share a meal with you sometime. Stay safe

  3. We have had or Berkey for 4-5 years and love it. Here in the DFW area many of us have to endure the lakes "turning over" every now and then. With the Berkey we never taste it like we use to.


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