Friday, May 29, 2015

Georgetown South Carolina

Me: Harley? Where are we? I think we missed a turn somewhere.
Harley: We're in the rolling dog house.
Me: Yes, um, I know that you silly dog but look on the map. 
Harley: Looks like we drove off the page again.
Me: You're a big help. 

Georgetown South Carolina is the third oldest city in the state. The first two being Beaufort and Charleston. Below are a few scenes from downtown Georgetown. Old architecture fascinates me.

My clock tower didn't come out too clear but at least the clock and windvane work (better than my camera skills!)

This antebellum home is next to the fresh seafood market and harbor.

A wrap around porch with rocking chairs. My favorite, often found in older southern architecture when a fresh breeze was considered air conditioning.

If I were to have a "dream home" it would be a tiny efficient one room cottage with a big shady porch on all four sides. Well, I guess two rooms, if you count the separate bath as a room. But for now I am living in a lovely old rambling cantankerous rolling dog house. Where ever I am is where I want to be. Life is goof.

An old art deco theater is still in business.

Finally found the entrance to our next campground.
Um... I think...

More information on Georgetown South Carolina can be found at this link.

See you down the waterway!

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