Monday, May 25, 2015

Speaking of Bicycles and RV's

Rating Internet at Turtle and Rabbit Speed in Laymen Terms

Internet in this campground is erratic. Mine (Virgin Mobile USB stick) occasionally works at turtle speed. Apparently I am on the edge of their coverage map. This campground where I just landed,  does offer WiFi but it's random and erratic, like a drunken rabbit or perhaps a turtle on coffee.

Not sure if this post will make it or not at these random speeds.

Kind of like me on the bicycle. Random.

Speaking of bicycles...

I don't own a car, just a Schwinn bicycle that I've jazzed up a bit.

Mobility Transportation for the Physically Challenged

Usually this means a wheel chair or electric cart often referred to as scooters even though they are typically chairs on small wheels designed for level hard terrain. Some are configured to sit and drive  but with the tiny small wheels you need pavement in great shape for outdoor use. Not much exercise involved in using these, as in none.

Neither of these appealed to me, I have an odd assortment of physical challenges that made my dream of bicycle riding rather difficult. To assist me in this endeavor, I finally caved in and jazzed up my bicycle with a bicycle electric-assist kit.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Silently.

Or in my case, when the going gets tough, I push a magic button for some assistance.


You may be surprised to learn that I am slowly working up the nerve to go out on the bicycle everyday to the point I feel such guilt if I don't get out on my bike, if even just to loop around the campground and back. I need the circulation benefits.

Oops, that came out funny. I was speaking of circulating the blood in the body, a bicycle is great for improving circulation.

I now pedal 90% of the time, but if I am having problems, then I push the magic button for maybe 5 seconds or could be 30 seconds. Once in awhile I use it longer.

There are days when I start out riding half and half it seems. I pedal some, get some assistance, pedal some and back and forth. Then as I start feeling stronger or better, I try to pedal more and more sometimes getting overly tired before realizing I should just push that magic button and have a blast.

Recently for two weeks of pure heaven, I was able to ride down the beach on my favorite island.

Life is goof.


  1. When I had a Toyota Dolphin, someone ran into my bicycle on the back and totaled it. I'm going to buy a new bike when I go to Portland later this summer.

  2. When you say you "peddle 90% of the time", this means you are selling stuff most of the day. Probably you mean to say you "pedal 90% of the time", which means you seldom use the electric assist on your bicycle. Sorry I can't help myself posting comments like this. I have been an editor or proofreader much of my life.

  3. i will reframe from any smart remarks about peddling. how do you charge the battery?

    ice cream. raz


Life is goof!