Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Dog Play

My dog rolls down the highways in a little old motorhome. He longs for a big yard to play in freely. Recently we were visiting friends with a fenced in yard. Harley ran wild and crazy in their yard having the time of his life.


Most all campgrounds require him to be tethered on his campsite or leashed up for walking around. Once in awhile we find places like off leash dog parks where he can run like a bullet or other areas where he can run freely.

Sometimes  in certain areas, he is dragging his leash because the rules say dogs must be on  leash. Often times the rules do not say the leash must be attached to anybody, so we sometimes bend the rules and let Harley run wild when others aren't around to complain. Often he is dragging his leash so "technically" he complies with the rules.

Life is complicated for a tiny dog traveling around in a rolling dog house.

If you need to smile, laugh and giggle, these pictures might warm your heart and ease your day.

Harley loves to play with a tennis ball.

All four feet off the ground as he flies so fast carrying his tennis ball and leash. Notice the wind is blowing his fur sideways.

Time to dig to China and hide the ball.

Below, this ball is smaller, because it's a golf ball, another of Harley's favorite toys. He is wearing his leather harness because his blue vest is in the wash getting the sand and salt out of it.

A happy picture indeed! Not sure why I bother to bathe and brush him when all he does is act like a dog.

Look how the wind blows up his floppy left ear. Oh those long legs are so mismatched to that tiny body. He is all fluff with only a 14 inch chest. I've tried to fatten him to a robust 6.5 pounds (3 kilos).

Harley moves so fast some pictures are blurry. He found an empty crab shell to play with, he was tossing it around and play fighting with it when I snapped this pic.

A silly dog and his crab shell toy.

It's a real shame this pic is not clearer, because the crab shell is on top of his face while he runs.


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  1. if i get to have a harley he would be the one.

    ice cream. raz

  2. Wonderful, wonderful pictures. I think he would rather be on a leash then without you in a big yard. Stay safe


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