Friday, May 08, 2015

Map of Travels Lately in A Little Old Motorhome

Finally found a way to access old google maps at No idea how long this will work, if google finds out they might disable it, but the old "classic" maps certainly work far better than the newfangled mess.

So... I had fun making up my map from November 15, 2014 through now. I am sure my mileage is much higher than shown due to shopping and getting lost, oops, I mean sightseeing.

My GPS works randomly, my internet is flakey as is google maps, which sometimes direct me down roads that don't exist over bridges that were torn down 2 decades ago. Yepper, this happened to me on the way from there to here. Then there is Harley dog... he makes a lousy navigator.

I have a bi atlas but I can't drive and read it at the same times. Sometimes I skip one of my scribbled directions (no printer) and then chaos ensues. So if my route looks a little less than direct to anywhere, that might be why.

Also, I didn't have reservations and bizarre things kept happening to cause me to change direction. It's a miracle I made it here at all, but I did. My friend who is riding along had to detour to take care of some matters. Harley wanted to go see his friends in Orlando and I wanted to check out some possible future monthly considerations. Some of the camps I planned to go to, didn't happen and others I didn't plan on, did happen.

Life is goof!

I woke up alive and I am very thankful for that and super uber grateful to my readers and angels.


Gotta run now, well hobble along.

See ya round the campfire or down the highway and byways. If you see a mermaid on a shiny red bicycle with silly wicker baskets and a crazy little dog, that might just be me!


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  1. You are so right about the new Google maps.Another example of "if it ain't broke,don't fix it".

  2. i not privy to how google makes money on their maps. my guess is that is the where and why g maps changed. just a hunch. like att. coke. etc.

    ice cream. raz

  3. Hope you are watching TS Ana and all the bad stuff stays away from you and Harley.


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