Sunday, May 17, 2015

Minimal Storage But Big Life

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Life is beautiful. I woke up alive. The birds are singing. The campground is eerily quiet save for the sounds of nature. My kind of day. A wonderful way to start off a Sunday.

I’ve had several endearing nicknames throughout my life. Two notable ones being “Grace Klutz” and “Klutz Brutha”. Sometimes I just spazz out and oopsy. Cow poop happens. Even my spell heckler can’t keep up with my writing antics such as spazz and oopsy. My offline dictionary doesn't work anymore, so I can’t double check my words at this point so I just have to torture myself, the computer and my gentle readers.

Yes, I am writing this offline. So many (as in nearly all) computer programs are designed to be connected to the internet 24/7. When a simpleton like me wants to do things offline, it seems to create pure havoc and chaos. Oh well!

Yesterday I set about doing a list of errands by traveling in my motor home. I don’t own a car, just a bicycle. So sometimes I have to leave the campground in my wheel estate to travel roundtrip just to complete some critical tasks. Typically I do these on travel days, but sometimes I am forced to consider otherwise. (Travel days are when I am moving from one campground to the next.)

I used to love cities and crowds, but those days are long behind me. So I guess I secretly resent having to travel to a city to accomplish errands, but sometimes it seems like it’s a necessary evil.

On the first errand, things went quite smoothly. Errand number two and I ran into a “Can’t Do” person. It was like crashing headlong into a brick wall. There are “Can do” folks and numerous “Can’t do” people. This “Can’t do” person wasted  a ton of my time and hers. It would have been far more efficient to be a “Can do” person and the task at hand could have been accomplished in 5 minutes. Instead, after about 30 minutes of her “Can’t do” attitude, I simply gave up in sheer frustration. She didn't want to do her job or perhaps she perceived her job as being one of throwing up roadblocks to make life miserable on anyone that tried to efficiently complete business at her place of employment. I left in defeat. The wresting match was exhausting. Ding ding. Round over. You win! (But your business loses.)

The next two errands were interesting and fun even though neither place of business had the critical parts we desired. The third errand I was lost and confused doing about 10 miles of country roads before realizing you can’t get there from here, but the ride was beautiful, even as I backtracked 10 miles again to inexplicably find the business I was looking for which was hiding in an unusual place. It was a Used RV Dealer. Even he admitted that finding his place was terribly hard. He didn't have the part I needed either, but I toured some of his used rigs and did some fanciful daydreaming.

When all was said I done, I climbed back into my little old motor home and loved it even more. It’s cheerful and happy with plenty of windows, something many rigs inexplicably just don’t offer. I want to see my world, not hide from it. I want cheerful colors not drab depressing hide-from-the-world colors. To each their own. It’s just that the rigs I saw look liked they were decorated for living in brutally cold weather with very few windows, many of them tiny then coupled with a dark depressing interior d├ęcor. Ugh. I suppose there must be a huge market for this type of lifestyle but I personally want lots of big windows, sunshine and happy fun colors.

Heaven forbid, the RV manufacturers just didn’t consult with me before they designed their rolling caves. I certainly don’t mean to insult anybody and their personal choice of their camper, it’s just that I have different ideas about what makes me personally comfortable and happy. I am willing to trade storage for windows, so I live in a tiny rolling home with 14 windows and what some might call minimal storage.

I love it!

Life is goof.

14 Windows, with at least one window on every side.

Home sweet home, as of lately...
The expanse of wall with no windows is where my refrigerator and shower live.
I so wish my shower had a window. I would decorate it in stained glass
like my broom closet (there's a toilet and sink in my broom closet.)

Speaking of minimal storage...
I added a rear cargo carrier and a storage box.
That's my bicycle hiding under cover on my
homemade bicycle rack.
Above is a huge window overlooking my
bed sofa. (No it's not a sofa bed, it's a bed sofa.)

Since I mentioned the faux stained glass in the bath,
here it is, an old picture when I first installed the window treatment.
You can buy stained glass window treatments at this link. 
Read more about my broom closet evolving at 

Messing About A Motorhome Bath


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  1. why don't you post on your blog what part you are looking for chance some reader out there might have it or know where you could get it it would be worth a try

  2. 2nd that.

    ice cream. raz

  3. I too like lots of windows why miss something in nature isn't that why most of us travel?


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