Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Smell The Sunrise and Be Happy

A quick post to let you know I am alive and rolling.

Rolling around laughing!

Oh the comedy of life keeps me lost and confused but I'm happy enough. I know I'm too simple to live in such a complicated world. So why even bother trying?

My internet connection went haywire for a few days. The GPS worked flawlessly for 23 miles then it just died (again) when I stopped for groceries. No idea what that is about, but it happens pretty often that it just works erratically. But that's OK, I drove 135 miles without it on Sunday.

I didn't exactly take a direct route, some might say I got lost, but I wasn't lost, I was just having another fantastic adventure!

At one point when I drove off the map, I came across a whole row of identical houses, so I did some drive-by-shooting with my camera. 
No, I was not lost. Not me!
I just had a sudden urge to take a random street and study architecture... that's my story and I am sticking to it!

We started at 9:30am and arrived at the next campsite just after 6pm. I guess you could say I just wasn't in a hurry. Anytime I arrive before dark-thirty it's a fantastic successful voyage.

Lost and confused? Well heck, we just stop and smell the engine oil. Oops I mean smell the roses!

Did you know that if I have 3 lanes and then some, I can make a U-turn with my motorhome? Well, I just found this out, what fun!

Harley dawg was thrilled at the numerous random stops where he was able to do short walkabouts while checking and sending his own pee-mail. I find that it makes for a super happy traveling pet to let him out everywhere we stop, even if just to buy fuel, he gets a one-two-three minute brief walk to sniff around and water things. If you travel with a pet and he/she is less than happy about that, try this method. Your pooch will be ecstatic at the prospect of traveling.

When I stop for groceries or anywhere that I use a shopping cart to deliver provisions back to the motorhome, I take Harley dog on "cart return". It's his reward for waiting quietly in the wheel estate. Just like in all the campgrounds, he goes out with the garbage. He thinks it's his personal job to escort all shopping buggies back to the store fronts as well as accompany all garbage to the dumpsters in the campgrounds. I have no where to store garbage, so I typically take it out one, two or three times a day.

I was just too busy to be bothered with the harassment of trying to fix phone, internet, GPS, email. I am sorry (no not really!) but the techno cyber world will just have to spin along without me. I can't keep up and I am giving up on trying.

Apparently, as I understand it, I can either toss money out the window or toss it at the internet or cell phone company and basically get the same result. Money gone and no service.

There are sunrises to see and sunsets to meditate. To heck with technology, it's way too complicated for me.  I give them money and it doesn't work. I don't give them money and it doesn't work. Hmm... maybe it would be better all around if I stop giving them money. Same service except I can use the money I save to do something useful like buy food and feed the hungry.

This is my AH-HA moment!

For mysterious reasons, known only to the techno-gurus,  I can't seem to keep internet, phone and email working on any sort of regular basis in the year 2015. It's mind boggling. So my posts have become erratic and well, that's just life.

Enjoy a few pics and THANK YOU for stopping by today. Life is goof.

Harley Dawg chats with a friend

A dog and his bicycle
Yepper, that's Harley Dawg and Yours Truly
trying to outrun tropical storm Ana last Saturday

If you want to see the sunrise, you have to get up early!

Well, I hope to post again soon. It's really up to the techno brats whether or not this will come true.


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