Saturday, May 16, 2015

Traders Hill Georgia

Traders Hill Georgia

 The river was down a steep hill from the campsite. In the afternoon children from the surrounding country homes came out to swim and swing on a rope tied from the tree on the far right to splash down in the waters.

An ancient oak with Spanish moss dripping.

Sign on the office door politely explains the doggy rules. 

 A thing of beauty.

Rather ironic to attach a metal plant hanger to a live tree.

Home sweet home was oh so pleasant because during this week, no one else was around. The sites are rather small, but we have about a half dozen empty ones on both sides, so our spot looks huge.

Home is where I rock!


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  1. I have tent camped at Trader's Hill many times in prep for cross-swamp paddles in the Okefenokee. Good times!

  2. You are far more energetic than I am these days, but it surely sounds like great fun and good times for sure!


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