Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Short Attention Span

Harley Dawg wanted to take piano lessons. I was reminding him that he has a very short attention span and last time he went to school it was a near disaster. (See Class Clown ) 

After much pestering, I finally caved in and set up piano lessons for him. Harley promised to pay attention and not get so distracted like he did at K-9 school.

I was so proud of him as he paid close attention to the instructor and piano. I snapped a few pics of my baby taking his first lesson. Like Harley, I too was only 6 years old at my first piano session. It almost brought a tear to my eye, thinking about the similarities. We all want out fur babies to grow up like we did. 

I will let Harley tell you the rest of the story...

"Oh boy! A piano! I can't wait to get my paws on this! Middle C? Got it! 8 notes? How handy, I have 8 toes! Oh this is going to be so much fun! Can you teach me to sing too?"

"Hmm, what are the neighbors up to? Is that snooty dog coming outside? Hey! You ain't nothing but a hound dog!"

"Oh a birdy! Look at the bird fly by! Oh there he goes. Bye bye black bird. Hey what's that squirrel up to? Is it going to rain today?"

"I wonder where my Frisbee is. I like Frisbee. What time are we playing Frisbee today?"

"What was that you said? Oh right. Am I paying attention? I'm too broke to pay attention! How can I pay for anything? I don't have any pawkets to carry money.  Take my picture! Take my picture! Can I have a treat after this?"

And so it goes... Harley still has trouble focusing for very long. He has a selective learning disorder. Sadly, I don't think piano lessons are for him after all. He's just too distracted. 


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