Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Grab Life and GO!

I am alive, kicking, screaming and carrying on.

When you stop carrying on... they carry you off!

So I live like a roller coaster. When I am down and out sick and tired, I know I am at the bottom of the roller coaster, slowly, painstakingly working my way up to the top for the WHEEEEEEEE factor of life is goof.

Not sure that made any sense, but I woke up alive. The above scene is from one of the numerous ponds in the park.

Right now I have a ton of projects and chores to do. I was busy all day until I couldn't go anymore then sadly I plopped down on the bed. Well, not really that sad... I told myself over and over how wonderful it is to be busy.

I am always cobbling something together somewhere to stretch and maximize an efficient budget or to make something actually work which is failing. Now if I could just patch up this body.

It's hard to slow down and realize that naps are healing. Rocking in the rocking chair is very restorative. It's a good motion that helps kick in a good feeling. I often meditate while rocking making pain go away naturally. It's not easy, but with enough focus, I can make it work.

The hard part is not feeling guilty as work piles up around me.

It looks like I am going to be living in this old rig a lot longer than imagined and ditto for  living in the old motorhome. Pretty soon it will be a classic. (Don't I wish...)

Nothing beats that paid for smell.

Hmm... not sure any of this makes any sense.

My New Year hope is to get my groove grooving.

Many days I wake up pretending everything is just fine and perfect. It seems to set the tone that if I plaster a smile on m face, toil away at alternatives for my body and mind plus plenty of busy work to remind me life is long, death is short.

Eventually I actually accomplish a few things to completion. Some things that overwhelmed me have created some problems and I try to find ways to solve them and the ones that seem insurmountable, well I just have to be more methodical and when things goes wrong...

Well I am rambling along here, proud to be tired.

Grab life and GO!



  1. Don't forget to sit barefoot in your rocker. Grounding (or earthing) is great for relieving pain and giving energy.

  2. Well, you might wait until Spring to sit/walk barefoot. lol

  3. Oh, I get it now. I thought I just had to hang on to the green wire. Stay safe, martha

  4. Well, I don't make any sense today. I meant to give you the link to earthing but instead gave you a link to a strange town I was reading about. Anyway, here is the earthing link. Duh!

  5. it all makes sense. nothing personal, but the last time i grabbed life she poured my beer (MY beer) over my head. stay out of trees.

    ice cream. raz

  6. I'm too old to climb trees, but might be able to hug one. We have 18 acres of honey locusts. Ouch!!


Life is goof!