Sunday, January 24, 2016

Only 37F Here Today

Another beautiful day in paradise!

Busy keeping cold here. I don't think my Caribbean blood is ever going to thaw out.

If you see a big blob waddling around the park with a small dog, that's me in 3 shirts, 2 sweaters,  a poncho, a jacket, long underwear, short underwear, leggings, jeggings, blue jeans, 2 pairs of socks and faux fur boots. Oh and let's not forget the scarf, trench coat, hat and gloves. It only takes me an hour and a half,  to put all this on for a frigid 10 minute walk with my little canine so he can do his leaks and lumps then drag me back to the wheel estate because he is c-c-c-cold too.

37F degrees in Melbourne, Florida and chilly winds. Matter of fact yesterday winds were steady at over 30 miles per hour with gusts of 60. Several campers around the park had their popup canopies destroyed recently due to either heavy pounding rains or gutsy gusty winds.

Oh the joys of camping!

I am just oh so grateful and thankful that somehow, someway through big and small miracles and the help of beloved angels, I woke up alive and I have a roof over my head plus a heater that works. Life is wonderful!

In spite of the glacial weather, I checked and rechecked my beloved bicycle. It is locked, tied and leashed to the 8 foot 8 ton picnic table. It's my ticket to improved health. I don't get far, but I have fun trying.

A few weeks ago I finally found a fantastic cover for my Day 6 bicycle. It was advertised on Amazon as an adult tricycle cover but many things can be re-purposed for other uses. I had been searching for a bicycle cover and nothing came up that would fit my unique bike. But when I tried searching for a tricycle cover, this one (shown below) appeared in the search. I measured and remeasured, because I kept coming up with an inch short on their versus my measurements. On a wing and a prayer, I decided to order it anyhow.

Well I am not sure who measured wrong, me or them. Who cares? It works! It fits! Wheee!

It covers my bicycle which has raised handlebars, a raised seat back plus the twin panniers in the rear and the puppy dog basket up front.

day 6 bicycle by dear miss mermaid

Speaking of puppy dogs...

harley dog, dog bed

Six pounds of hyperactive trouble finally takes a nap. This is an extremely rare photo. Most of my dog pics are blurred because the little devil is in constant motion.



  1. i'm in indiana. it hit 36f today. i was in jacksonville beach a few febs back a few years ago. you could tell the yanks from the locals. the locals were dressed as you. us "furiners" not so much. i'm a runner. i was running barefoot in the serf, with shots and a t-shirt. one of the homeless ladies said i was crazy. she might be right. the homeless here dress like you people. nothing personal. it was around 40f in morning then the sun came out. hit 50f.

    there are a lot of poor people there. you can buy a nice house here for what a crappy old trailer home costs there. i've toyed with going the rv route and then gravitated toward a van. a van wouldn't work for you, i don't believe. i can camp on blm, if the bundy "french vanilla militia" don't shoot me.

    i've seen it snow in st augustine before. if it snows please post pics. i look at wunderground and you will be warming up. much closer to normal. actually the weather, i think you might never be normal. past, present or future. that's good. being crazy has it's rewards.

    ice cream. raz

  2. Stay warm! I'll bet you are burning through the propane. I was in a no-electric campground last week and about froze to death. I was very close to running out of propane one night, and of course no electric heater to help, so I kept the heat as low as I could bear under my layers of comforters in bed. Went out for a refill the next day. Cold where I am now, but at least I have my electric heater going and have lots of propane, so toasty inside. Can't imagine why people camp in tents in this weather, even if this is Nevada!!

    Florida is nuts. I was there last winter and it was in low 70s until mid-March when it went up to 90s and roasted me every day. I finally left for northern Georgia when I could not stand it any longer.

    At least your cold weather will slow the bugs down!


  3. I lived in Cocoa, FL for a while and nearly froze to death. It was bone chilling cold. Now, I've lived through some Missouri winters and blizzards and got very cold, but the Florida chill was amazing. I think it is because it's right on the Atlantic and the air is so humid.


Life is goof!