Sunday, January 17, 2016

Embarrassing the Dog

I am back on the 30 day challenge trying to ride my bicycle everyday for 30 days. It doesn't matter how far I go, as long as I ride somewhere everyday it's not pouring down rain during every daylight minute.

I count that as an exception.

My rules.

I can make them up and change them too. But I try to keep it simple. The idea behind the 30 day challenge is creating a great habit. So as long as it isn't snowing or raining every single minute of the daylight, I have to find a minute or more to climb up on my bicycle and pedal away.

Sometimes my wardrobe is lacking.
Sometimes I get cold super easy.

I wanted to ride my bicycle.
But as I rode along the wind whipped up my sleeves making my forearms frigid.

My sleeves were too loose and too short.
I was cold.

I went back home.

No fair!

I don't like my black socks, they are 6 years old and failing. I know they are six years old because they were 100% cotton black socks I found on sale for under a dollar when I first came back to America in my Caribbean clothes and found myself freezing at the astonishing low temps below 70F.


A little dim lightbulb came on in my head.

I opened up my drawer with the old black socks and cut the toes out of one pair. Then I shoved one up each forearm with the cut toes at the elbows and the finished calf part at the wrist.

WOW! It warmed up my arms and I climbed back on my bicycle to ride some more with my puppy dog.

When Harley saw me come back outside to ride our bicycle with socks shoved on myforearms, he curled up in embarrassment, trying to hide inside his basket.

Out of sight, out of mind.


  1. i run 365. period. we wear those on our arms and legs. now mine are a little more fashionable, as in paisley or day glow. most are not natural colors. they really set the dogs off. always fashionable.

    you think maybe hd is frozen? just a thought.

    ice cream. raz

  2. Just looks layered, like you have another top on underneath, but with long sleeves.

    Best article of clothing I own is a 30-year-old nylon windbreaker that rolls up into a tiny package. It also has a hood, and I wear it on top of my sweatshirts or whatever else I wear when I am riding my bike or walking along the beach. Other good thing about it is that it is a bright yellow, so makes me more visible on my bike.

    You are more ambitious than I am about biking, however. Judy

  3. I checked your bike out on the internet. It looks wonderful, but is not in my price range at this time. I now live in a remote place in Oklahoma where it might?? be safe, but I'm now bikeless. Enjoy every single day you are able to ride. It is such good therapy for you!


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