Thursday, January 28, 2016

Since I Seen Al

Maintaining Independence is important to many of us in spite of a few minor challenges with health or memory.

Here are some shortcuts to aid and assist in personal independence.

Sleep in clothes fully dressed, wake up ready for the day.

Pick a maintenance free hairstyle such as dreadlocks.

Keep shoes by the front door so you remember what they are for.

Stock an annual supply of toilet paper so you don't forget what THAT is for.

Wear your keys around your neck.

Lick the the dishes clean after eating, saves the hassle of washing them.

Write your name and address on your forearm. Comes in handy if you have to fill out forms.

Keep your  reading glasses available on top of your head, they will fit snugly in the dreadlocks.

Matter of fact, keep your wallet stuffed in your dreadlocks too.

Keep pen and paper close by for useful notes

Since I don't have a doorbell on my motorhome, I used that pen and paper to post a note to visitors:
"No doorbell, YELL Ding Dong Ding Dong"

Smart phones can make you feel mighty dumb, stick to the mentally challenged phones that only make and receive calls.

If anyone accuses you of being chronically forgetful, tell them you've already Seen Al and Al says you're fine.


  1. This post is so simultaneously funny and depressing! What is "AI" in the post? Artificial Intelligence is one possibility, the short form of Alan, Albert, or Alfred is another, or what?

  2. This one I have to steal and post it on my mirror for every morning ...

    "I am so blessed to wake up alive finding peace and harmony in simple pleasures."

    As a bonus, I can tell everyone that I am quoting a mermaid!

  3. Al couldn't be alzheimers could it? Also, don't forget your glasses are on your head.

  4. Funny, but also sad, because we will all be there one day! And for some of us, that day seems to be coming sooner and sooner. Judy

  5. I guess I blew it... Seen Al rhymes with SENILE... but I love the correlation between Al and Alzheimers.

    LOVE the comments and Les Doll, I am blushing and humbled.

  6. Where did you y your day 6 bike? I went to their website and they seem to be expensive.

  7. The Day 6 company eventually shipped mine to a bike shop that didn't carry that brand yet. At that point I had not been able to find one in stock in my travels and had shelved the idea indefinitely. I did visit the local bike shop and they tried to sell me their "popular" brand but I was not impressed. The "popular" bike looked trendy but was so uncomfortable! I wasn't looking for a new bike just for the heck of it, I was searching for comfort so I could continue with my wild bicycle plan.

    The bike shop was supposed to assemble it and the owner of Day 6 said I was under no obligation to purchase it. But when I went to test ride it... it was EVERYTHING I was dreaming for in a bicycle. I left it at the bike shop overnight while I reconsidered my actions. The next day I was there at opening time, to snatch up my bike before someone else loved it as much as me. His website shows a list of dealers, but call ahead to find out if they have them in stock. They go QUICKLY due to their extreme comfort.

    I don't own a car and am not yet up to speed on saying the bicycle replaces a car, but I needed to keep with my health agenda, so I chose a healthy bicycle over a used car. No car in my future now, I spent my car funds on a bicycle.

    Life is goof.


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