Thursday, January 21, 2016

Stalking Harley

My little dog was outside on his long tether. He had dragged out most of his toy box to keep him company.

I had the motorhome door wide open, I was bebopping back and forth trying to get a few minor projects done. Mostly simple stuff like tidying up loose ends. I've been resting a bunch lately, so when I am up and about, I want to be busy.

Harley can be overprotective of me when I am having a rough go. He seems to think I am his injured pup that needs fierce protection. On the flip side, he forgets he is part of the food chain during daylight hours too.

I went to see what he was barking at behind the motorhome. It was this humongous bird of prey in a tree above Harley, surveying him for lunch. I snapped a few pics while Harley was trying to bark it away, then I snatched up my fur baby and brought him inside for safety.

That is when the bird took flight. I missed the picture,  but the 5 foot wingspan was an awesome sight.

More later. 
Life is goof. 



  1. Had one in my yard eyeing Fred too. Fred is bigger than Harely but food to these guys at any rate. But they sure are beautiful

  2. Wow... I love eagles. :) -pp

  3. That's a hawk..not an eagle.Yes,it would have made poor Harley din din if you wouldn't have gotten him inside.

  4. I'm glad you went to check on your little fur baby. It looks like both of you look out for each other.


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