Saturday, January 23, 2016


I am so blessed to wake up alive finding peace and harmony in simple pleasures.

 My spirit soars but the body wanes.

A bed and a rocking chair.

Both afford me fantastic views to dream upon.

My folding rocking chair unbolted again nearly collapsing. I wasn't even rocking at the time, just staring off into the wild blue yonder urging my body to heal itself.

A dear sweet angel fetched new sturdier nuts and bolts putting it back together again, better than new. The manufacturer should have taken lessons.

At 3:33am I was up looking for a warm beverage. I was cold from the inside out. Fevers and chills playing tricks on me.

Surprisingly, my phone rang.

At 3:33 am.

When I answered my voice wouldn't cooperate fully, so my greeting came out more like a cross between a grunt and a whimper.

A gravelly voice announced he had the wrong number.

Life is goof.

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  1. glad you were there to answer it. you were already up, so it's not like he got you up. we do 24 hr service. people get me up all night long. plumbing pays better at 3 am than 3 pm. lots. it's a good night when i get to go to work. good to see your life is as goof as ever.

    ice cream. raz

  2. A plumber who works at night WOW, I bet you are very popular!

  3. i don't know if popular is the right word, but it makes for happy customers. i have only hard one person complain about price and they called back in 20 minutes. if we are arguing about money before we start, well we don't start. they can call someone else. i didn't answer. about 4a.

    59f 9:27p. a little nice than yesterday. hell it's 40.7f here right now. which is about 30f above average. give hd a treat.

    ice cream. raz


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