Thursday, May 10, 2018

Lucky Vise

After they moved their deceased father's belonging out of his tiny home and sheds located out back, they said "Take a look in the sheds and take anything you want!"


Had they seen me at the dumpster diving?

Who cares?

I went to look.


They had left behind a heavy duty vise. It took some work to get it uninstalled moved and reinstalled inside my shed, but oh so worth the effort. I use it often! It is thru-bolted on my work bench desk.

It has blue tape on it because I was ding a delicate project and didn't want the rust to have a chance to touch the project.

It's a big sturdy vise that sells fr around $100 new. I am one lucky lady!

Even opened a cantankerous ketchup bottle.

I also grabbed a nearly new leaf rake from the shopping shed. But no way to hang it up. So I stuck it in the vise, drilled a hole in the top handle then locked a zip tie on it about an inch or two wide. This means I can now use a hook to hang up the rake.

I rake my leaves once a year whether they need it or not.

The oaks around me rain down leaves and twigs 24/7.

Life is goof.

Vise sounds just like vice.

And a billion other items too

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