Thursday, May 17, 2018

Dearly Departed

LifeIn these days and times of escalating costs one doesn't want to saddle the loved ones with a pricey funeral. One way is to preplan and prepay for the funeral. In this case your loved ones can mourn and not have to look after details and finances.
On the economical side...

How about a motorcycle hearse?
Save on gas and enjoy one last ride.

Of course cremation is generally far more affordable than full internment.

So I'm thinking of a final bicycle ride to the crematorium... in style.

Thinking outside the box...

I never dreamed you could buy a casket from Amazon, but as of this writing they sell them from $949 and up, delivered to your door. I went to read some of the customer reviews and noticed there were exactly 13 listed. Most of them were listed as "verified purchase". Apparently you can save yourself a bundle by buying your casket online.


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