Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Rv and Camp Fabrics

For the past 8+ years I have lived in a super tiny home. I love it!

Recently I was able to upgrade to an older but larger tiny home.

From barely 150 square feet to a whopping 300 square feet. WOW.

I have company staying with me for a few months, helping me fix and repair and upgrade this old home.

Yeah. I bought another fixer-upper. I didn't think it needed much work, but as time goes on, I keep finding little things to fix and repair.

My friend has a vehicle so I am able to visit some thrift stores. Mostly I come home empty handed, but just looking at the stuff is entertainment enough.

Recently I found this decoupage plate to hang on my wall. It reminds me of my old rig, my new rig and the crazy lifestyle I have chosen.

I had to cough up 25 cents for this extravagant luxury. Proceeds went to a charitable cause. 

I have been looking for a source for this fabric without success. However I have found many fun whimsical camping fabrics at this link. 

Here's another vintage RV fabric:

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