Sunday, May 13, 2018

A Sun What Woof

Speaking of Great Danes...

I missed a great photo op by walking my dog without my camera. I was camping in Ohio in a city park that also had day use areas besides the campground.

Now that I look back at my records, it was Ottawa Metro Park in Lima Ohio. It's a wonderful park, but they don't take reservations. First come, first serve. Rates are super cheap, park is immaculate, check in and payment is on the honor system with a workamper that comes along later to check to see if folks are complying.

Out for a walk I came across a soccer game for kids that had finished. One kid was waiting on the sidewalk for a ride. His parents drove up in a teeny tiny 4 door car with an open sun roof. In back was a huge black and white Great Dane with his head stuck out the sun roof!

It was such a comical picture like something from the circus rather than in a mundane park.

The kid got in the car. The Great Dane ducked down to give the kid some licking and loving, then as the car drove away, he poked his head back up and out the sun roof for the ride home.

As they drove away, I pondered if the cost of the food bill for said canine was the reason they owned such a teeny tiny car.

My 6 pound mutt eats an astonishing amount of food but he is high energy. Exponentially if he was bigger and ate as much, I would need a separate trailer to house his food. As it is now, he needs his own cabinet to store his wet and dry food plus his treats. On top of that if I am cooking anything meat or cheese related, he gets a small bowl of that too. Yet the various vets he has visited in our travels always wail "he is under weight!". He is a healthy dog that just burns up so much energy, he doesn't have time to get fat.

Now that I think about it, that kid is probably destined to be an only child.

Also the car did not have a sun roof.

It had a SUN WOOF!

Here's a similar picture in a bigger car to give you an idea of the crazy sight I saw that day.

One BIG reason I love this food is that it makes nice neat packages coming out the other end. 
For me that has to scoop the poop in RV parks, this is a welcome relief to an otherwise unhallowed chore. 

Life is goof!

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  1. i know some people with a dane and their dog food costs $275.00 @ month. peace out. raz the bot.


Life is goof!