Friday, May 04, 2018

Bye Bye Neighbor

I've lived here less than a year but no one has lived next door while I was here.Just an unoccupied trailer and shed.

A big oversized roof was put on the travel trailer at some point and attached to the slides on the other side, not seen in this picture.

Recently the park gained possession of the lot from the former owner. They sold the trailer, then sold the lot as empty. Kind of crazy because many folks wanted to buy it with the trailer and fix it up nicely.

I mentioned the lot sale to a friend of mine who snatched it up. She is moving in soon with her Class A rig and dog.

The rig was towed out to another spot in the park, then around 4am the new owner dragged it down the highway with the slides out and the oversized roof attached. Later he said he made it to his country lot without government interference 

Always good to have another dog in the neighborhood. I say that because non pet owners tend to complain about pet owners. So get a pet owner for a neighbor and chances are they won't complain about your pet.

My dog is well  behaved mostly,  he gets an A+ for providing top security. No one is going to sneak up on me. He is a good alarm. If he thinks there is danger he can surprisingly turn to a ferocious scary creature.

I believe if the need arose, he would fight to his death. He seems clueless that he is 6 pounds, not 200.

I am sure he has contributed to my own longevity. I deal with a rare horrible disease but somehow with my good buddy along my side, it's quite bearable and I just focus on the good stuff in life.

The crew that hauled off the trailer left such a mess that me, friends and neighbors pitched in to clean it all up again in anticipation of the new owner.

That's my 5th wheel on the left hiding behind my friend's visiting camper van. It's hard to tell from this picture, but my trailer is parked far back in the rear of my lot. My new neighbor will be parked up front on the right, so I will continue to have great privacy.

Thank you!


  1. Things sure are looking up for you. Take good care of yourself.

  2. You really all did a nice clean up. Those spaces are very big that's nice lots of room


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