Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Flip to My Flop

I woke up alive. The sun came up.

Thank you angels for making this possible.

Every day for me is a miracle and a gift.

Recently I went to the Florida Keys camping in a friend's 19 foot van. Loaded up two humans, one dog, two bicycles, a hammock, flip flops and well that pretty much filled the van.

We had flippitty flop weather too.
Lots of rain, lots of sunshine, lots of rain, lots of sunshine and... did I say lots of rain?

I didn't care. Mermaids don't melt.

I was near the ocean, so close I could smell it 24/7 for two glorious weeks.
Life is goof.

Dumpster Diva.
Stopped and camped at Savannas Recreation Area near the east coast of Florida (Fort Pierce/St Lucie County)  in route to break up the long drive. Spent two nights there soaking up nature. On the way out, I was carrying out the garbage and dog walking when I found a tarp and a reclining zero gravity chair.

Seems the dumpster angels are always looking out for me.

We had just discussed the possibility of buying a tarp to use as an outdoor camping mat. This tarp had a few tears and rips but we were traveling with gorilla tape, so easy-peasy, one semi new tarp cobbled together. The tattered but usable chair was a bonus and I was trying to sneak that inside the van when my friend said "Oh no, we don't need that chair do we?" I pulled it back out of the van to his relief.

But first I unfolded it, sat down, flipped it for reclining, stretching out with my feet propped up and made a contented sigh as I gave my arms a good long stretch. I yawned, pulled my hat over my face and mumbled "Just give me 30 seconds before I give it back to the dump... shame you haven't sat in it yourself, the price is right..."

Well the rest is history.
The chair was crammed in the van.

A dog in my lap and hats on the dash.

You're the flip to my flop. 
Thanks for stopping by today.

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