Monday, January 10, 2011

About That Turkey

A few days ago, i wrote about how I had bought this cute little 3 pound turkey breast roast, because I had company coming. We were going to have a traditional turkey holiday meal, aboard my mini-motorhome, even though the holidays were well past. Since we had both lived in the Caribbean over 2 decades, we're both used to life at a leisurely pace, where no one is ever late, they "just reach, mon".  So having a holiday dinner weeks after the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, well, seemed normal enough to us. 

On board my RV is a little slow cooker Crockpot that is only 1.5 quarts. This is a perfect size for dried bean dishes, as well as dinner for 2 or so. I use my little Crockpot often when I am camping with electricity. it does wonders, without heating up the galley. Some things just taste better slow cooked.  
Once you make dried beans, from scratch,  in a crockpot, you will never buy that canned stuff again. 

I imagined I would cook my little turkey in my petite crockpot, dreaming of how moist and tender the meat would be. 

The turkey sat in the refrigerator for 2 days thawing. I brought out the crockpot for cooking the turkey but oh dear me!  

Turkey big, pot small. Now what?  

I guess it was time to check out the oven, though I had never used it, matter of fact, an inspection of the oven revealed that it was put together wrong.  I did put it together correctly, realizing my 16 year old oven is a virgin. 

I did finally christen the oven/broiler one day recently, by making spinach pie with mushrooms, tarragon, feta cheese and eggs.   But  on this day, I felt like a turkey, because I realized that I had no oven pans at all. Surprisingly, the directions on the back of the turkey wrapper,  contained crockpot directions, but they recommended a much bigger crockpot. 

Ut oh!
Turkey breast   big, crockpot  small. 

I opened up the turkey breast, discovering that about a third of the package, was a gravy package.
The rest was a trussed up flavored turkey breast. 

I folded up the turkey breast, into an upside down horseshoe shape, then stuffed it into the crockpot. The directions read to add a half cup of water, which I did.  Even though the breast was sprinkled with herbs, I added more  sage, as I just love that flavor with poultry. 

The directions suggested 7.5 hours  on low in the crockpot.
I stuck a teeny tiny note on the crockpot, so I would remember 7.5 hours later, to check on the bird breast.
I put a note on the bird, so that my bird brain wouldn't forget what time I put this beast in to cook. 

Here is the turkey, exactly 7.5 hours later.
Oh my gosh!
A lot of juice in that
The juice wasn't that much, once the turkey breast was removed, but plenty to add to the gravy mix.

The breast has been removed from the crockpot.
 It needs to sit about 10 minutes, before I can remove the roast netting.
You can't even tell I squished it into an upside down U, the roast has seemingly grown together. 

I took the leftover juices, which turned out not to be that much, once the turkey was removed, added the gravy mix plus some raisins, chopped garlic, cracked pepper and fresh mushrooms, thinly sliced. I fired up the crockpot to high, letting the gravy cook until the shrooms were done. 
Just so you know, the turkey and gravy, was absolutely awesome.  We had it with smashed potatoes, acorn squash, black eyes peas (made the day before in the same crockpot),  plus a garden salad.  Camping is good.  

The turkey made several meals, plus the leftover turkey was chopped, then  tossed with Vidalia Onion Relish, fresh chunks of avocado, a bit of mayo, then wrapped up in wheat tortillas as sandwiches. Another yummy end to a mini crockpot meal. 

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