Saturday, December 29, 2012

All Of It

Last week it was the end of the world...

Next week it is the end of the year...

My calendar isn't adding up right.

Did I miss something somewhere?

Either way, some meager disaster supplies are stashed in the RV.


My workamping and volunteer duties as a Camp Host are coming to a close. I will be moving soon and working on a top secret project that I hope to share with you soon.

Go figure.

Harley dog was spoiled rotten for his 3rd birthday recently. Of course he is mostly spoiled rotten every day.

But he does cute things to make you forget how spoiled he really is.

Harley is riding in my friend's car on the back shelf behind the back seat. He does this when I am not holding him out the window up front.  I've had the thrill of riding as a passenger for a change in a real car.

When I came to America about 3 years ago, I bought an old clunker to drive for cheap. I drove all over creation looking for a mini-motorhome. 

Found the motorhome.
Sold the car.

I wanted to keep life simple and green. 

So for me, riding in a car as a passenger with my doggy in tow is a rare treat. 

Harley LOVES to hang his head out the window and feel the wind in his fur. I have to hold onto him tightly and have a safety leash on him too, so that he doesn't bounce out the passenger window. Other times we tell him "Get in the back!"  and he dutifully sits on the back shelf like a stuffed toy.

In the motorhome, I am driving alone and Harley has to sit by his closed window in the passenger seat,  the entire trip. For revenge, he has slobbered dog juice all over his RV window, then left his paw prints behind. RV pet owners know all about this, I am sure. 

I have lost my mind... but nothing new there!

Santa Claus has more faith in me that I do... more on this soon...

Angels, friends, and framily went out of their way to make my holidays super special!  I am oh so lucky. More on this soon too...

Thank you!  Did I say thank you?  
Thank you so much!  
You make my heart sing!

It is pouring buckets of rain today. That is because I have a ton of outdoor chores to do.

Ain't life grand.

Most days I wake up at 4am and stay up!  I am just oh so excited to wake up alive, that I feel the need to jump up and start doing things.

Why miss out on a moment of life?  There is so much to do and so little time!

Of course sometimes I poop out rather quickly and have to take a cat nap. But  what a glorious day it is, rain and all, I just love it!

The pain is giving me a serious work over lately...  I might be forced into temporary medical care if I can't learn to live with this. But for now, when the pain is great... I just plaster a great big smile on my face and slowly count to ten.

Everyone thinks I am so super duper happy because lately I am just smiling my fool head off almost non stop!  

Laughter... I try to find lots to laugh about. This eases the pain tremendously.  Maybe because it is just a darn good distraction?  Having Harley for a dog certainly gives me paws for the cause and loads of laughter.

If you are feeling down or in pain or simply just stressed out, try this method!  (Smiling and laughter!) At least folks are usually pretty nice to smiling and laughing people, though some will treat you like your IQ is less than room temperature...  But who cares?

Have some fun, life is good and it's shorter than you think. 

When and if I end up at the pearly gates, I will probably arrive all beat up, sliding in under the gate in a bloody mess, body wore out, brain failing erratically, things sagging and bagging, a few loose drips, parts broken, some missing and not much left to deal with anyhow, even though I am fully "donated" in case they find any usable leftovers before I am destined  for the scrap heap...

But at least I can say to my maker "I took everything you gave me and used ALL OF IT UP!"

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