Saturday, December 01, 2012


December first already!

December 12, 2012 will be  the last triple repetitive date.


I wonder how many babies will be born that day?

I will be celebrating THREE years in my little old wheel estate.

Christmas Eve my crazy little dog child will be three years old.

Three years ago nobody thought I would live much longer.

I couldn't find anybody willing to take me to North Carolina to pick up the RV so the former owner drove it to South Carolina. His wife followed in their car. I met them at a Waffle House then drove it the remaining 20 miles to where I would park it.

The day I went to pick up my motorhome, I was so excited I remembered to get dressed but  forgot to put on shoes and showed up in my bedroom slippers to close the deal and drive it home.

The former owner rode with me, giving me hints and tips. Once I parked, he spent less than 30 minutes showing me how everything worked then he was gone.

At the Waffle House earlier, right after I paid for the motorhome, I walked outside to take a picture of it in the  parking lot, then I drove it for the very first time.

Three years later, I am still living AND living in the motorhome.

Life is GOOD!


Life is goof!