Sunday, December 02, 2012

Wine Shoes

And more goofiness...

My antics at the Publix grocery store were rather entertaining recently.

I expect to turn up on a video website soon. Heaven help me.

They must have been watching me by camera, because two clerks suddenly appeared out of nowhere to see if I needed any assistance. Maybe I  perpetually look bewildered in grocery stores. I am just not used to American food shops. They are over an acre in size!  It's maddening to get lost in there, wondering if I'll get out in the same day. The Caribbean stores I shopped in for decades are so much smaller, some only 10 by 15 feet. But I digress...

Let me explain...

You are probably familiar with the regular cloth shopping bags.  Well they also sell sectioned bags for purchasing wines. Each sectioned bag holds 4 bottles of wine, nice and neat in their own little pockets.  I don't own any wine bags. My efficient budget pretty much keeps me far from the wine aisles. But in this Publix I somehow got lost and found myself in a maze of bottled fruit from the vine.  So I took a tour.

That's when i saw the wine bags. Hmm...

I took a wine bag off the rack, pulled off my shoes then stuck them inside one compartment each. They fit quite nicely. I was wishing I had another pair, to see how two pairs of shoes would look and fit  in the wine bag.

That's when two clerks suddenly appeared from nowhere inquiring if I was OK, did I need assistance.

"Um, no thank you, the shoes fit fine, so I think I'll buy a couple of bags."

I pulled another bag off the rack, placing  it in my buggie. The clerks looked flummoxed, staring at my wine bag of shoes I was holding and my bare feet below.  So I added "I am going to keep my shoes in the wine bag at home."  The clerks looked nervously at each other, then back at me.  

It suddenly occurred to me that I was still barefoot.

My bad.

Retrieving my shoes from the wine bag, I put them back  on my feet, tossing the bag into the shopping cart.  For 99 cents, I could buy two wine bags and store four pairs of shoes.

Putting my shoes back on seemed to make the clerks immensely happy. They smiled, let out loud sighs, then vanished around the corner.

Later I realized I didn't  explain it correctly to them.

My RV seems to have no where to store my shoes. I don't have that many shoes, but I have summer sandals  and winter clogs, fuzzy house shoes and sturdy working shoes.  I shop for drastically reduced out of season shoes, so my boots were bought in the summer and the sandals in the winter. Eventually one season or the other rolls around, and I have something to stick on my feet. Apparently, in the good old USA, one can't just run around in public barefoot.  In my early days in the Caribbean, people often went barefoot all over creation. It was  a fun relaxed time.

But where to keep my shoes when they are not on my feet has been puzzling me. They end up scattered around the sole of the motorhome, then when I clean up, I never know where to put the darn shoes.

Now I can just stick two pairs in each wine bag, stuff them in a cabinet and call it a done deal. The shoes can stand vertically in the bag.  How cool is that?  I like it when a plan comes together.

Who says wine bags are just for fruit of the vine?

A fruit like me can use them to store shoes

In my little old mini-motorhome.

Not sure why they call them cowboy boots. 
Cows don't wear them. 


  1. That reminded me of something. And it was funny. But I forgot what it oh well, laugh anyhow.

  2. Great idea. Who cares what the store clerks think.


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