Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Head Ain't Good

Pellicer Creek Paddling Trail

Faver-Dykes State Park
St Augustine, Florida

It's been in the 30's  here at night lately. Brrrrrrrrrr!

I can't take this cold weather anymore so I am moving to Florida tomorrow.

Oh wait.

A check of my current coordinates indicates I am in Florida.


Tomorrow I am moving further south. 


Last night I was so chi-chi-chilly!  

I kept turning the heat up on the bed, but still I felt this icy cold draft.  My windows were just oozing cold  in spite of having the shades pulled down below the window sill.

I tossed and turned, snuggling deep down under the comforter. I clicked the mattress warmer up a few notches. I aimed the tiny 200 watt electric heater closer to the bed.

Anything to escape the draft.

The main heater, sitting in the middle of the RV was a 1500 watt ceramic heater with a blower that was fighting hard to keep the place warm.  I got up around 3am to make some hot coffee just to warm up with.  That's when I noticed the kitchen window was open!

Good grief.

I slammed it shut a little louder than I meant to and immediately felt the new warmth fill the pocket of cold space. Ahhhhhh... this is heaven.

Back in bed, I still felt this incredible chill. Click, click, click. I cranked up the electric bed warmer again. I slid back deep into the covers. But I could feel that mysterious draft.


Morning arrived and I piled on the clothes to stay warm. I went outside to begin packing up my mobile patio in anticipation of moving further south.

My workamping gig is over and they want my spot back, so it's time for me to pack up the circus and shuffle along.

While putting things into the Rv's basement storage area, beneath my bedroom area,  I noticed I had left my broken window shade all the way down and it looked odd. The spring has sprung and the shade is only 3 years old. It's maddening.

I typically roll it up by hand and hold it in place with a spring loaded clamp. But this morning I hadn't bothered, even though I had opened every other window shade in the RV to let the sunshine in.

On closer inspection, I noticed the cantankerous shade was pressed up against the window screen, not the window.

The sliding window was OPEN.

I had slept fitfully through the night... beneath an open window, hidden by a broken window shade.

Oh my goodness.  Some days my head ain't good...


  1. Happy New Year! I am in Melbourne Fl and it has been nice here. We only had a couple cold nights. It is warmer by the coast thats for sure.

  2. Better late than never,enjoy a warmer night tonight. I do things like that often.


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