Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Once In 38 Years

Happy new Year to all!

Do you have all your resolutions in place?

I am just making one resolution. Surely I can keep one?

Just one?

Time will tell.  It involves hard work and promises to improve my health.

Santa Claus is sort of forcing me into a new New Year's resolution. Well, not forcing, but he sure chose it for me.

Santa Claus brought me a shiny red bicycle!

In all fairness and honesty, I have only ridden a bicycle once in the past 38 years.  I rode on a bicycle built for two on the island of Jost Van Dyke.

But as a child I did ride a bike from age 5 to 14. At 14, my wonderful 10 speed bike, that I spent two and half years housekeeping and babysitting for the neighbors so that I could save up for it... vanished. I never went back to bicycle riding as my life took an abrupt turn at the same time.

So I am not totally clueless, just completely out of bicycle shape.    The last 3 years my health has been a wild roller coaster ride, sometimes an uphill struggle. I am so grateful to wake up alive, now I am going to ride a bicycle several times a day?

Angels, friends, fans and framily  went out of their way to surprise me with Christmas  gifts of cash and gift certificates. I decided I should save them for improving my health or RV emergencies.

So I did nothing with them. Christmas came and went.

My visiting friend, a bicycle enthusiast, began pushing me to get a bicycle. I made up excuses, like I am old, scarred, battered, banged up, out of shape and suffering from a rare incurable disease.

"Exactly."  he said. "You need a bicycle. "

"And it would be good for me..." I chimed in (while rolling my eyes.) "But I am going to need several boxes of  band aids and a basket for my puppy to ride in...

Harley dog even got cash for Christmas. Can you believe it?  He also hauled in toys, a hand knitted sweater, food and treats like he was Santa Claw's best friend. How does he do it?  Of course his birthday is Christmas Eve, but still, he amazes me. Apparently he has more friends than I do.

Isn't that  a hoot?

So Harley bought a basket for the bicycle. He loves riding in it. It makes him look like a big fast dog!  He gets to look down his tiny furry nose at much larger dogs as we fly through the campground.

Note... "Fly" is used very loosely here.

I warn pedestrians "Watch out!  We are new at this!"  As we wobble and cruise  by at a good clip of 2 miles per hour...

So far lots of folks laugh. I guess I am quite a site as I learn to ride a bike again.

As for me *puff puff puff*  I am *ouch*  *ouch*  *ouch*  out of breath "oh* *owie* *oh* and my thighs *ugh* *grrrrrrr* are on fire.

I haven't gone far at all. Just little circles. A half mile *puff* *gasp* on more or less a level dirt road *gasp*.

I think I am half dead. But by golly, I am riding that bicycle every day so far.

And it is pure torture...


  1. Happy New Year Miss Mermaid and Harley.
    Ejoy your new bike. Who knows what great benifits you will find from all this biking.

  2. That anonymous post is hilarious! Don't delete it, Miss Mermaid; it's priceless.
    Looking forward to the updates on the bike riding. :)

  3. So sorry but I had to delete the hilarious spam posting. I get that type of nonsensical spam sh*t on here everyday. It's maddening, but I LOVE the real comments!


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