Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Can See Clearly Now

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I can see clearly now!  How scary is that?  Boy does my doggy ever look rough...

Clearly, I should have seen an eye doctor much sooner.

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It's true.

Some days I am so clumsy I can trip over a cordless phone.

I've had a friend visiting with a car, which they have driven me many places. There is always confusion as we try to find our way around.  That's when I discovered I can't read the freaking street signs.  I knew this before, but just assumed there was a conspiracy by government to save money by making the street signs so tiny as to be useless for reading unless you were three feet away.

Small wonder I get so fatigued driving my camper around.  I don't own a car but Santa Claus brought me a bicycle and I wasn't feeling overly confident on it, but I thought it was because I broke my non-prescription sunglasses and had none to wear.  I blamed it on the sunshine and lack of eye protection.  I had bought some cheap sunglasses, but they were awful and broke the 2nd or 3rd time I wore them.

My prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses ceased to be useful over a year or two or so  ago. Money was super tight so I didn't get an eye exam and replace them. I just thought my eyes were much stronger now.  I was hoping prescription spectacles were a thing of the past.


What was I thinking?

Profound headaches and the fact my friend could read the street signs while I could not, sent me scurrying for an eye exam.

The eye doctor was astonished I was driving anything around at all.

Well, I do say my prayers before I drive my motorhome or bicycle. Maybe it was sheer luck and the strength of prayers that got me this far without serious injury to anyone.


Just goes to show...  there are angels looking out for fools like me.

Now I have eyeglasses and it's amazing what I can see now!  Whee!

It's like landing on a new planet. Everything is so different.

I can see clearly now. WOW!


  1. Good for you! Bet you look glamorous in them too!

  2. Glad you can now't know you could not see....we were over to vist you the other day but you were not home...had a nice walk around the campground...

  3. So are we going to get an entry on the campground commando? I really would like to hear about this guy.

    Wade in NW Florida
    Lostinspace Over on


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