Saturday, January 12, 2013

Harley Rides A Bike

Harley rides a bicycle...

Here he is in his latest pet carrier, a basket on the front of my new Santa-Claus-brought-me-a-bicycle. I figure Santa Claus got it right, because it may be years to never, before I own an old clunker of a  car, so a bike is the latest and greatest. I am seriously hoping it pushes my health into a better realm but this is a painful activity for me.  Grrrrrr...

Due to a medical complication, I had to skip 2 days of writing and riding, but yesterday I loaded up the doggy, hopped on the bicycle and tortured my thighs to another bike riding session.  Harley had to share the pain but he seemed more or less willing. Once he got settled, he enjoyed the ride, the wind in his fur and the fabulous view.

People point and laugh, but we don't care. It's clear I am new to riding a bicycle.  Whatever I learned as a child, I am relearning all over again. Oh what fun!

Wickham Park is pretty flat with lots of paved and dirt roads plus off road paths for bikes and pedestrians. Traffic is plenty sparse. Most drivers are courteous, looking out for pedestrians, dog walkers and fools on bikes...

I am trying to remember to use hand signals, but I am kind of frightened whenever I have to take a hand off the handlebars. I have to keep reminding myself not to grip too tightly or else my hands will seize right up. I never thought riding a bicycle would require so much concentration (and so many bandaids!)

Harley is sitting on a little blanket, tucked in with his leash and the little orange change purse discretely holds his poop baggies, the bike lock key and  motorhome house key.

Don't lose the dog, he has the keys!

dog riding bicycle by

The weather in Melbourne Florida has been unseasonably warm for January. I have been in shorts and sandals all week long with zero complaints about that. I love spending time outdoors on my makeshift patio under the oak trees. I have chairs, table, awning, umbrella, patio mat and picnic table plus assorted ongoing projects outdoors.

Life is never dull. But please can I have more hours in the day?

We are parked under two massive oak trees. Between the trees and the squirrels, we are pelted with acorns 24/7.  I keep a dust broom outside to sweep the acorns off the seats and table. In spite of the awning and umbrella, those darn acorns bounce all over the place. Harley is on a tether outdoors which he drags around collecting more acorns to scatter across the patio mat.  Crunch, crunch, crunch, thump, thump, thump plus those teasing sounds the squirrels make as they wiggle their tail trying to entice Harley into a game of chase he can never win. I should rename this lot "acorn city".

In spite of my best outdoor housekeeping, we always look like the circus has come to town.

I am overly paranoid about my shiny red bicycle and it stays locked up tightly whenever I am not riding it.  The casual thief won't get away, but a serious one will have to work really hard to steal it. Overall the campground is super safe (but I am still locking up my shiny red bike!)

Apparently I live near the campground commando who came here for the sole purpose of giving others grief.  *SIGH*

What's up with that?  Maybe they need a bicycle and a dog to walk,  because clearly they have far too much idle time on their hands. Even management is getting weary of their chronic complaints. 

I guess some people just never learn to play well with others, or commune in harmony in the cozy confines of a busy RV park.

A departing RV-er gave us Poinsettia plants which still look gorgeous.  Unfortunately he was at the mercy occasionally of the campground commando's wrath.  (We had  some fun gossipy conversations about that.)

Yesterday I happened to be visiting outside another RV-er (on their lot) when an employee drove over with a semi-complaint to the other RV-er (not me). I said "Oh is the campground commando at it again?"  The employee about split a gut laughing so hard. Finally he composed himself long enough to whisper "Oh you know about him... and what we're up against..."  Tee hee hee!

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