Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Big Bird

wildlife in wickham park in melbourne florida by http://DearMissMermaid.Com
Looking out my bedroom window were Sand Hill Cranes picking through the grass.
Life is good. 

I am starting to feel so much better now. I had to skip over writing and riding my shiny red bicycle because I had a major boo-boo on my rib cage that is still hideous to look at, but at least it's no longer painful. I can almost think clearly now, but I am weak.  Sheesh.

The dressing over the wound requires copious amounts of tape. The tape has really irritated my skin something awful. So from a little boo-boo to a big major boo-boo. I've had surgery there twice to no avail, so this time I put up with the mega lump and opted out of surgery. I also made it through without any pain pills at all!  For me this is a mega feat. I try to avoid all pain pills in favor of alternate treatments. Pain pills can do so much damage to kidneys and liver, parts I would like to keep intact.

Growing old ain't for sissies!

And I'm not even old...

Harley dog was sick too, he tossed up his cookies, then ate next to nothing for a few days, just being extremely lethargic and giving me a fright. The food bowl stayed full but I refreshed his water every few hours to encourage him to at least drink something.  He just laid around doing nothing, which is certainly not like him at all. He is usually running on high energy.

Today we both felt better, but I wasn't strong enough to ride the bicycle, so our visiting friend gave us a ride in his car to the dog park. Harley was back on his game, playing chase and tag with the other doggies, showing off how fast he could run. He took a few breaks to get his breath back, then he would race off with the other dogs again. It was a relief to have my little buddy back to his usual goofy self.

On some good news, I've had company staying in my camper and company staying in their camper, a new lady, well new to the RV lifestyle. She was in a much newer Class C motorhome with a nice big slide.  It was fun to have company around to keep me distracted from my pain, but I wish I had more energy.

Next week I have friends coming to camp in their Scamp, 2 lots down, so that will be more fun. It's nice to be out and about around people. So often I am tucked away in the middle of nowhere. It's fun to be somewhere!

We've had summery weather in Melbourne, Florida in January.  Simply amazing.

Sunday morning I checked the weather and choked on my coffee!  102F degrees on Thursday in Melbourne in January?  I don't think my little old 18 year old air conditioner can keep up with that!  I've been enjoying wide open windows and bare feet. But 102F degrees predicted?  YIKES!

I was wondering what kind of wild preparations I should make to get ready for this serious heat wave. 

Another cup of coffee, and I realized *AHEM* that I was looking at the weather for Melbourne Australia, where it is officially summer. 

I happen to be in Melbourne, Florida. Oops!  Wednesday was forecast to be 77F degrees. Wheeeeeee!  I guess they only show 4 days at a time and since Melbourne Australia was a day ahead, they had Thursday shown already. I will let you know if tomorrow brings anything wild and crazy weather-wise around here, but I think it will be a ho hum lovely day again. Life is good. 

I have been spoiled rotten, spending loads of time outdoors.  Half my worldly goods seem to be living out on my makeshift patio. One thing I love about Wickham Park, where I am camping now, is that the lots are nice and grassy.  No pavement. Yay!

Wickham Park  Campground in Melbourne Florida by http://DearMissMermaid.Com
If you look closely, there is a doggy in the picture.

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