Thursday, January 10, 2013

January Tenth Twenty Thirteen

I fashioned my own bicycle rack out of existing equipment and a little creative ingenuity. I took of picture of it when I arrived in Melbourne Florida last week, um well I actually arrived  last year.  It just feels like last week, but I've been here 10 days.

Anyhow, it was GREAT to arrive and realize the bicycle was back there too.

Basically my bicycle rides between the cargo carrier and the rear of the motorhome. I truly do look like the circus has come to town. That's an old throw rug lovingly wrapped around the rear of my bicycle. I think next time I will wrap rugs all over it. In the milk crate on the right, I have my water hoses, which I use at the campground anyhow.

I am too flustered to write much lately. Dealing with bureaucrats and paperwork just zaps my energy something awful. Also I'm having a little extremely painful medical issue that is preventing me from getting out much to walk or ride my bicycle, so that is kind of sad. But I pray for a miracle, look for the rainbow and search for the pot of gold.

One night I had a fabulous dream of finding gold jewelry all over a deserted beach. What a strange thing to dream!  I hope it has a positive meaning.


  1. Whatever is going wrong, I sure hope it rights itself soon! Love your ingenuity in transporting your bicycle.

  2. Actually, that dream does have a positive meaning! (I have a friend who does dream interpretation.) The fancier you interpret your findings supposedly equates to possibilities you know exist and are subconsciously following. According to her, you don't even need to exert yourself and good things are going to happen! Woo hoo! Couldn't happen to a more deserving gal!
    I can't wait to read about your good fortune in future posts!


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