Wednesday, January 02, 2013

If I Survive

Day One...

Oh a shiny red bicycle!  What fun!  One trip around the campground *gasp* and you better *puff* call an ambulance. I feel *gasp* nearly dead.  I am taking this bicycle back to the store. BIG MISTAKE.  Why on earth did Santa Claus bring me this torture apparatus?

Just the same, I found out an old vinyl tablecloth with soft felt on the underside makes a great bicycle cover.

Day Two...

Holy cow!  I have muscles in places I didn't know existed.  Santa Claus *gasp* why on earth *groan* did you bring me a bicycle?  I am not *huff* a kid anymore.  This might be going back...  I barely *gasp*  made it around the dirt  road loop in the campground. Pedestrians leap out of way as I wobble and wiggle my way through first and second gear hollering "Watch out!  I am new at this!"

Day Three...

Look at me!  Look at my puppy!  He loves riding in the basket up front!  Oh wow. My arms ache from steering with a six and a half pound puppy dog up front.  He looks real cute though. I better keep this bicycle under lock and key so that some other big kid doesn't steal it.

I ran into the campground bicycle gang. They were ages 6 to 16, about 20 of them in all and they looked scary whizzing by snickering at me. I hope they don't take my bicycle away from me!

A trip to the store (in my friend's car) and now I have a bicycle lock with a heavy duty cable and a bike light. The bicycle wasn't returned. The store is all out of shiny red bicycles. If I return mine, then somebody is sure to snatch it up for their own.

Schwinn Point Beach 26" Ladies' Cruiser Bike
Seven Gears of Shiny Red Aluminum

Day Four...

Oh my gosh, my thighs are on fire, but by golly I rode my bicycle a few times today.  This is tormenting my body. I had to crawl up the steps to get inside my motorhome.

Through some miracle, I fashioned a way to haul the bicycle on the back of the motorhome without spending any money. That way I can haul it back to the store.

Day Five...

Instead of hauling the bicycle back to the store, I tied it to the rear of the motorhome and moved 130 miles south. The weather is wonderful!  I am in shorts (yes, bicycle shorts!)  I am going to ride all over the 400 acre park.

Good thing I am in a mostly flat area. Not sure I will ever get the hang of these big hills in Florida. OK, they are really small slopes. I didn't make it out of the campground to see the rest of the park yet.

Puppy loved his second ride today!  We barely made 3 loops around the campground.

I guess I am keeping this bicycle, but what will happen to me in the spring when I move to northeast Georgia and those BIG hills?  So far I have only used four of the seven gears on the bicycle. *Sigh*

Day Six...

My first day off the dirt and on the pavement. Oh my goodness, better keep the band aids handy. Pedestrians continue to  leap out of my way. I don't even need  a bell. They look at me  wobbling around, steering erratically and run for cover. Every joint in my body aches. Am I too old for this?

The new campground has a different type of gang. They are geriatrics on three wheeled bicycles  *oops* trikes. I hope they don't run me down or take my shiny red bicycle away from me.

But by golly,if I keep up this training,  by next week I might be able to outrun them. Ha ha ha. Who's the sissy now?

Day Seven...

Fifth gear!  I made it to fifth gear today!  Who knows?  Maybe I will make it all the way to the seventh gear by next week!  And I passed those trikes today. Yippee!

Oh dear Lord, I ache from neck to toe. This is insanity!  But tomorrow will be the start of week two.

If I survive.


  1. You didn't mention the butt.... the really, really, really sore spots that take more than a week to toughen up! Heck, I can huff and puff... but, darn! that sore butt takes time to get a callous or two!

  2. This particular bike came with a very generous seat, not the tiny racing seat that is oh so painful on the butt. You might want to check Amazon or anywhere they sell bicycles for a different style seat. It's very easy to change the seat. I love the big seat that came with mine. My big butt is doing OK on it so far, my crotch was sore at first, but it's much better and not bothering me now. I had to re-adjust the seat several times, to finally get it comfy. I am still playing with adjustments on the bicycle with help from my friend.


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