Monday, January 28, 2013

Doggy Bicycle Basket

Oh the life of a puppy dog, riding around in a bicycle basket. Yes, that's his quilt in there with him. He doesn't like the basket "plain" but needs his comforts.

He fell asleep on the way home. When I got off the bicycle and saw him sound asleep in the basket, I unlocked the motorhome, found my camera, came back outside and snapped this picture.

Two hours earlier, we rode the shiny red bicycle to the doggy park, so I could torture my legs some more. It's faster than walking there, but I am oh so sore.  My body thinks exercise is a dirty word.

Harley got  in some good hard playing, palling around with the canine pack du jour.He loves to visit with the humans too.  He sometimes races up on someone's lap and slaps a doggy kiss on them before they know what's happened. Since the humans visiting there are typically dog owners, they usually laugh at his bold friendliness. He isn't happy until he has flirted with everybody. Such a show man.

Lucky for Harley, I was in such pain from the ride over, that we stayed in the off leash park almost two hours. I don't have to chase him down to go home.  I don't even call him.

When I am ready to go, I just walk to the gate.  Harley who has completely ignored me for his entire visit, suddenly appears, ready to go with me. How does he do that?

Other pet parents don't have it so lucky. One lady went to grab her puppy to go home but puppy wasn't ready to go, so he raced all over the park while she chased him. Harley thought this was a new game, so he joined in with the race. Now other dogs began running too and the woman was still pursuing her errant dog with the entire  pack trotting with her. Finally she burst out laughing, which startled her dog long enough for her to swoop down and grab him.

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